Tether Releases HTML5 Web App To Allow Tethering From iPhone, No Jailbreak Required


Screen Shot 2012-03-09 at 10.08.33 PM

An App Store app called iTether got a lot of attention a few months ago for allowing free 3G tethering from any iPhone. Despite the fact that carriers don’t officially support such activity apart from their exorbitant data plans, Apple originally approved iTether. The app shot to the top of the charts before it was pulled less than a day later. If you didn’t get your hands on it then, you were out of luck.

The creators of iTether are announcing something big today. Tether is launching a new HTML5 web app for the iPhone that lets you tether your 3G-enabled iPhone or iPad to any wireless-enabled device. No monthly fee. No jailbreak required.

AT&T Won’t Let You Tether Your New iPad LTE, But Verizon Will



At yesterday’s press conference, Apple made a big deal about how you could tether your new iPad to your laptop or other device, “if your carrier supports Personal Hotspot.”

Hey, guys, guess which of the two big U.S. carriers won’t support Personal Hotspot on the new iPad? Yup, the usual bastard: AT&T. But Verizon seemingly will. That means that if you’re an AT&T customer. there’s no way to tether your laptop to your iPad’s blistering LTE speeds… short, of course, of an A5X jailbreak.