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Moves Is A Fantastic Free Fitness App For The Rest Of Us [Review]

Monday was a good moving day.

Monday was a good moving day.

Moves is that rare thing on the modern App Store — a free app that has an enormous amount to offer. It’s magical in its simplicity, an app that asks no more than you switch it on and forget about it.

All you have to do is carry on with life. Moves tracks your movements, intelligently works out whether you’ve been walking, running, cycling or using transport of some kind, and provides you with a helpful summary at the end of each and every day.

Best of all, though, it does so without any need for input from you. You don’t have to tell it that you’re going out for a run. You don’t have to tell it you’re walking from A to B.

It just knows.

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Little Inferno Is The Weirdest, Oddest, Bestest Burning-Things Game You’ll Play All Year [Review]

Hey! Hi there! Grab a chair, pull it closer to the fire. It’s cold outside isn’t it? And you look like you could do with thawing out.

Yes, it’s a lovely fire, isn’t it? Feel free to add some more fuel – anything you like. Your chair, for example. Or your aunt. Or yourself. This fire burns anything. ANYTHING.

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Hundreds Makes You Wish You Had Hundreds Of Fingers [Review]

Red and dead

You have been warned

This is Hundreds, a game from the same people who brought you Canablat and Wurdle, among others.

Hundreds is a multi-touch tapping challenge for your mind and your reflexes. Rather like Letterpress, it has a gorgeous minimalist look to it. Where so many games are all about collecting stars, this one encourages you to look for empty spaces.

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