Massive LEGO Star Wars ship destroyed in high-def slo-mo


I know! Let's spend a double shift making this thing, then drop it on the ground. Photo: Wired
I know! Let's spend a double shift making this thing, then drop it on the ground. Photo: Wired

16 hours to make, mere seconds to destroy this huge LEGO model of Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer from Return of the Jedi.

If there’s anything more symptomatic of our consumer culture — aside from the iPhone and Apple Watch destruction videos out there — it’s this.

On the bright side, these folks over at Wired filmed their wanton destruction at a whopping 1,000 frames per second so you could see every little smashed brick as this plastic masterpiece hits the ground. All to celebrate Star Wars day.

Lego brick master turns heads with turntable


Working turntable, speakers and tube amp by LEGO artist Hayarobi. Photo: LoctiteGirl/Flickr CC
Working turntable, speakers and tube amp by Lego artist Hayarobi. Photo: LoctiteGirl/Flickr CC

Standing in front of a classic turntable, you might not expect to be impressed by the brick work

But it’s the first thing that comes to mind when beholding the sci-fi hi-fi created by Korean Lego artist Hayarobi.

No detail is overlooked on Hayarobi’s record player, which he called The Planet. It consists of more than 2,400 pieces and is powered by a Lego Power Functions Battery Box and LEGO Power Functions M-Motor, according to Huh Magazine.

This Jurassic World trailer will hit you like a ton of Lego bricks


Photo: WBGames
This is how it starts. Then later there's running and building. Photo: WBGames

A new trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World video game re-creates some of the best moments of the Jurassic Park franchise using everyone’s favorite multicolor bricks.

I’m a massive fan of both Lego and Jurassic Park, so a combination of the two is pretty much guaranteed to hit the sweet spot. If you don’t absolutely lose it when you see Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm make a Lego-size appearance, I don’t know what to tell you, but I think there’s no way we can be friends. Lego incarnations of Richard Attenborough, Sam Neill and Chris Pratt also make an appearance, in addition to the expected plethora of dinos.

Check out the trailer below.

8 gorgeous Lego sets you owe it to yourself to build


A Lego Mac might be the perfect gift for the Apple fan in your life. Photo: Chris McVeigh.
The best of both worlds -- a Lego Macintosh. Until you try to use it, of course. Photo: Chris McVeigh.

Given their focus on gorgeous design and parallel rise, fall and ascent to global dominance narratives, it’s perhaps no surprise to hear that I love Lego almost as much as I do Apple products. With hundreds of sets in total — and a reported 62 bricks for every single person on Earth — picking out the greatest Lego sets of all time is tough to do.

Not all of the ones on the list below are easy to get hold of (eBay is your best bet!), but if you’re looking for a fun challenge and great way of gobbling up your spare cash before the Apple Watch arrives, you can’t do any better.

Ready to get building?

Girl turns boring LEGO juice bar into awesome robot


Would you like extra protein powder in that smoothie? Well, WOULD YOU?! Photo: fickle/Imgur
Would you like extra protein powder in that smoothie? Well, WOULD YOU?! Photo: fickle/Imgur

There was a time when LEGO brick sets were anything but prescriptive. You’d be lucky to get a wheel or axle part, or maybe even a door or window piece in your giant set of loose bricks.

These days, of course, LEGO typically means putting together a complicated model that just doesn’t need glue (though you can certainly use it to make things permanent).

Imgur user “fickle” put up this photoset showing what a couple of enterprising young women did with their toy juice bar, from the LEGO Friends set.

“It was supposed to be a juice bar,” they wrote on the photo sharing service, (but) “a set of ED-209-inspired power armor is far better!