Gorgeous Photos Of Even Gorgeous-er Lego Model Of Original Mac



This is pretty much the best thing ever: a tiny Lego model of the original Mac, as put together by Flickr-er Chris McVeigh.

NOTE: Due to the incredible response, I’ll be posting a building guide for this model within the next two weeks. Additionally, I hope to offer a limited number of kits for those of you without easy access to the necessary bricks. Keep an eye on my Facebook page and Twitter feed for updates!

Clearly this is a kit that Lego should have made itself, but as Chris is willing to do the work to put one together, I’m going to hold off buying a pack of cigarettes and a box of white Lego bricks (surely the only way to get that old-fashioned, retro-beige color) and grab one of the kits instead.

We’ll be sure to let you know when Chris makes them available.

Source: Flickr – Photo Sharing!