Custom Lego minifigs put Jobs, Woz, and Cook on your desk


Apple custom Lego minis
If you really wanted, you could stage your own Apple keynote address in Lego form.
Photo: FamousBrick

A company that specializes in making Lego-ized versions of tech-world giants is offering minifigures based on Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, current CEO Tim Cook, and some people who work for other companies, if you want to be all diverse about it.

The figures won’t even set you back that much, really. Depending on how much you value plastic that looks like people.

In addition to the Steves and Cook, FamousBrick, also has minifigs of Apple’s senior vice-president of design Jony Ive, chief marketing officer Phil Schiller, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, and tech pioneer Konrad Zuse, who built the first programmable computer over 70 years ago.

FamousBrick doesn’t just leave their figures at the eerie likenesses, however; most of them come with spot-on accessories. For example, the Tim Cook mini has an iPhone 5c, and Schiller comes with a round, peg Lego piece that just happens to look exactly like the revamped Mac Pro that he presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote in 2013.

FamousBrick itself is based out of Lindau, Germany, and it makes the customs by mixing and matching pieces of existing figures.

“We are using original LEGO bricks and looking for the right parts,” FamousBrick’s Pascal Giessler told Cult of Mac via e-mail. “Sounds simple, but it isn’t. For example, the head of Steve Jobs used to be part of an rocket-scientist minifigure in a set from 1998.”

FamousBrick isn’t doing anything new, really, but if you don’t want to go scrounging through decades’ worth of minifigures trying to find the perfect set of legs, and you don’t have the patience or tiny brushes to make your own modifications, this is a pretty good shortcut to take. The company has done a good job at finding just the right pieces to fit their models.

“Of course, I’m a big enthusiast of Apple,” Giessler says. “In my childhood, I fell in love with the colorful Lego bricks and its figures. Now I can combine these two hobbies. It all started with a wish to have my own Steve [Jobs]. He is a very inspiring person, and I like to have such an idol on my desk. I got a lot of positive feedback, and that was the reason for offering it on my litte online shop.”

The company is teasing its 10th figure, and we’re interested to see it. Each of these little plastic men costs $14.90 in the U.S, £9.90 in the U.K., and €12.90 in the rest of Europe.