Navy’s laser weapon zaps drones out of sky for $1 per shot


USS Ponce has U.S. Central Command's blessing to defend itself with this laser weapon.  (U.S. Navy video)
The USS Ponce has Central Command's blessing to defend itself with this laser weapon. Photo: U.S. Navy video

Can you hit your targets when playing an Xbox shooting game? If so, the Navy might just want to put a video-game-like controller in your hands. Except this version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have you aiming a ship-mounted laser at real enemies.

A Navy video shows a new laser weapon system successfully zapping a small target on a moving ship, shooting an unmanned aircraft out of the sky and picking off other targets at sea.


Stop Worrying About Scratching Your iPhone 5 And Engrave It With Frickin’ Lasers Instead


How cool does this laser-engraved iPhone 5 look? Image via Gizmodo.

One of the things I miss most about the design of the iPhone 4S is the ability to easily change the back of my iPhone to something different, like a non-standard color, or even teak.

You simply can’t do that with the iPhone 5, but Gizmodo just pointed out an even better idea: you can laser engrave the back of your iPhone 5 with your own custom design.

This is awesome, and there’s a laser engraving place right around the corner. I might just have to give it a try. The only questions are, which design should I get, and is this going to void my AppleCare+? After all, technically, it’s just a bunch of scratches.

There’s more laser-engraved iPhones at the link below, so check them out.

Source: Gizmodo


Apple’s Supply Chain Secret Weapon? Frickin’ Lasers.



How does Apple do it? How do they keep secret products that require huge billion dollar deals, years of planning and cutting-edge technology up until the moment Apple wants to announce it? How does Cupertino consistently leap frog the competition to market with new products at such low prices, then keep that lead for years? And how does Apple do all of this while maintaining record profits and 40% gross margins?

BusinessWeek has a fantastic look at the intricacies of Apple’s supply chain, which is the best on Earth. The secret? Hoarding lasers, they cheekily suggest. But that’s not actually all that far off.