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Chanel’s Peek-a-Boo Briefcase Reveals iPod


Twice in one week, iPod-obsessed designer Karl Lagerfeld hearted the iPod. First with iPod-ready, fur covered motorcycle helmets for his namesake label, then with this peek-a-boo briefcase for Chanel.

Probably the coolest thing about the pointless perspex carry-all is the iPod with its Chanel logo on the video screen — apparently Lagerfeld considered it more important than a cell phone.

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Rock n’ Roll: Karl Lagerfeld iPod Helmets

Rock n’ Roll: Karl Lagerfeld iPod Helmets

Fashion supremo Karl Lagerfeld loves iPods. He used to have 100, and even though he is now down to 40, they are carried around in a custom Louis Vuitton trunk and stocked by a dedicated iPod assistant.

So when the fashion guru turned his be-ringed hand to designing motorcycle helmets for his namesake label, he fitted them out with an iPod connection (bluetooth? Even fashion bible WWD didn’t get more specific than saying the helmets were “fitted for an iPod.)” And, then, well  to give it a little punch, draped them in mink and chincilla.

If the model on ready to wear Paris catwalk show is anything to go by, the helmet feels as bad as it looks. Kind of a shame, since they’re made by French bike-couture helmetiers Ruby.

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Louis Vuitton Custom iPod Trunk

Louis Vuitton Custom iPod Trunk

Fashion czar Karl Lagerfeld, who put his hand to an iPod casehimself once for Italian fashion house Fendi, owns a custom iPod trunk to support his professed love of Mac.

Lagerfeld totes his gear around in a handcrafted custom trunk from Louis Vuitton. Well, probably some bedraggled assistant has to pack his wardrobe of 20 iPods, one charger (what just one?), JBL iPod speakers and a subwoofer.

Too cool even to even carry the LV monogram (but they do have Lagerfeld’s initials near the handle) the trunk is made in trademark Taiga black leather with a microfiber interior.

Custom cases like these take from four to six months to make and run upwards of $10,000.

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