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Joby’s iPhone-Friendly MPod Is As Cute As It Is Clever


Ever tried to snap a self portrait with your iPhone? And I mean a proper self-timer self portrait, not an arm-out-the-side-of-the-frame selfie. It’s almost impossible. First, you have to deal with the lack of a self timer on the iPhone. And second, you have to find somewhere to balance it.

What you need is Joby’s new MPod mini.

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The Quadrapod May Be The GorillaPod’s More Evolved Ancestor


The Keizus Quadrapod device mount looks remarkably like a human form without a head; it’s also similar in form and function to the Joby GorillaPod, leading to inevitable forthcoming comparisons between ape and man whenever the Quadrapod is mentioned.

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Joby’s GripTight GorillaPod Won’t Let Go Of Your iPhone

Joby’s latest attempt at building stands for smartphones seems to finally be a winner. Instead of cases or stick-on adapters, the GripTight range simply clamps the target phone with a pair of spring-loaded jaws, and joins it to various supports.

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Best Camera And Photo Accessories [Best Of]

Best of photo stuff

Photo accessories for iPhones and regular cameras.

Best Of Photo Accessories [Best Of]

We have noticed a big crossover between Apple users and camera geeks. And while the iPhone’s own camera continues to get better and better, your old SLR still has some life in it yet. And whatever you shoot with, there are accessories that can perk up your interest or let you catch an otherwise-impossible shot. These are the best of them.

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Joby’s Gorillapod, Now In Four Hideous 1980s-Inspired Colors

Joby color


Joby’s can-do, go-everywhere flexible Gorillapod now comes in a range of hot, hot hues to match your camera. As long as your camera is lime green, fuchsia, sky blue or charcoal in color, that is.

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Cinesquid: It Sucks To Be Supportive

Cinesquid: It Sucks To Be Supportive

CineSquid Suction Mount from Cinetics on Vimeo.

Remember the Cineskates? They were a Kickstarter sensation, a bendy Gorillapod married to three roller skate wheels and useful for anything from smooth dolly shots to crazy bullet-time-like movies. Now Cinetics, the folks behind the Kickstarter project behind the Cineskates have come up with the Cinesquid, a tripod with suction cups for feet.

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