Joby’s iPhone-Friendly MPod Is As Cute As It Is Clever



Ever tried to snap a self portrait with your iPhone? And I mean a proper self-timer self portrait, not an arm-out-the-side-of-the-frame selfie. It’s almost impossible. First, you have to deal with the lack of a self timer on the iPhone. And second, you have to find somewhere to balance it.

What you need is Joby’s new MPod mini.

The MPod mini is purpose built for smartphones and even small compacts (like you still use one of those), and has the stubby legs to prove it. The camera/phone is held in place by a very neat clamping jaw that gets its power from a tiny bungee cord, and the legs have Joby’s trademark bendy grippy ball-jointed legs.

So easy is the MPod mini to use, and so cute are its looks that I’m tempted to grab one just to have a place to keep my iPhone while I’m at home. I know I said that I don’t want a dock for my iPhone, but the truth is that I spill so much coffee and tea on my desk that the cockroaches that share my apartment have set up a diving board. The Joby might just save my iPhone from water damage.

The MPod mini is available right now for just $15. A veritable steal.

Source: Joby