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(RED) says Bono was just joking about Apple’s ‘modesty run amok’


Earlier this week, Bono blasted Apple for “modesty run amok” in regards to the company’s charity work.

Claiming that Apple was like a secretive cult, he said that Apple didn’t do enough to broadcast its work for the Global Fund as part of Product (RED). Apple has raised $75 million for the charity since 2006.

Bono’s tongue was obviously in cheek, but (RED) has now released a statement, clarifying that Bono was expressing “faux outrage” and he was just making a joke.

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Bring Forstall’s Linens Back To iOS 7 With These 8 Wallpapers


Jony Ive’s new vision for iOS 7 is simple and parallax’d and all that, but it’s also completely devoid of the linen backgrounds Scott Forstall championed in earlier versions of iOS and OS X.

The loss of Forstall’s linens is one of the best improvements to iOS, but if you find yourself craving some fabric inspired backgrounds again, here are 8 linen wallpapers to bring Forstall’s linens back to iOS 7:

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Pros, Airs, iOS 7, Mavericks: Don’t Miss Our Full WWDC Recap On Our Special Edition CultCast

New cultcast site promo pic heath

This time ’round on CultCast: iOS 7 debuts to a standing ovation, but some aren’t in love; OS X 10.9 Mavericks will have you rewatching Top Gun, we’ll highlight the new features; new MacBook Airs get insanely long battery life and more power; and Apple resurrects the rumored Mac Pro to uproarious applause—it’s our complete WWDC coverage on this very special episode of the CultCast.

Join us as we review all the great stuff Apple announced in the glorious 90-minute event know as WWDC. Stream or download new and past episodes on your Mac or iDevice by subscribing now on iTunes, or hit play below and let the good times roll.

Show notes up next.

Cultcast 76 post player imagePros, Airs, iOS 7, Mavericks: Don’t Miss Our Full WWDC Recap On Our Special Edition CultCast

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WSJ: Jony Ive’s Design Sense And Influence Felt In New Apple Management

No more leather stitching!

No more leather stitching!

According to a new report at the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s new management team dynamic, which includes design maven Jonathan Ive at the helm of both the hardware and software teams behind iOS, is seeing a new era of collaboration. ONe source familiar with the matter went so far as to call the exchange of ideas between Ive and human interface lead Greg Christie, known for his bluntness, as “pleasant and cordial.”

Sounds like things are changing over there at Apple, which is a good thing for proponents of Ive’s preference for a less skeumorphic design ethos. Having Ive watching the software along with the hardware may bring a flatter, more modern look to iOS 7, sure to be coming soon.

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