The iPad Mini: A Compelling Device, But A Confusing Pitch [Opinion]


Phil Schiller introducing iPad mini

The iPad mini is a totally new product for Apple. It represents a beautiful juxtaposition of the iPhone’s 4-inch display and the Retina iPad’s larger 10-inch canvas. While the rest of the industry has already shifted its focus to 7-inch tablets, Apple entered uncharted territory for itself today.

Based on what we’ve seen, the iPad mini looks like a very compelling device. I’m sure Apple will sell bazillions. What I don’t understand is Apple’s pitch for the iPad mini. What purpose does it serve, and what kind of customer is it intended for? There’s no denying that Apple unveiled a great product today, but the purpose of the iPad mini was muddled by a confusing pitch.

Everything Apple Announced At Today’s iPad Mini Event [Mega-Roundup]


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Today’s iPad Mini event was incredible. Tim Cook and the gang just unleashed a tsunami of new Apple products on the world for the second straight month. Yes, the iPad Mini made an appearance, but there was so much more sweet stuff that it’s hard to keep up with all the details.

Rather than getting lost in the flood of thousands of different posts that will be written about the Apple event today, we’ve broken down all the necessary info into delicious bite-size information nuggets just for you, so you can know all the essentials.

Here’s everything that Apple announced at today’s keynote:

Apple Updates Retina iPad With A6X Chip And Better LTE Support, Calls It “4th Gen iPad” [iPad mini Event]


Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 1.50.34 PM

Phil Schiller just unveiled what the company is calling the “4th gen iPad.” This is essentially an updated version of the third-gen Retina iPad, but for some reason Apple is choosing to give it a new generation name.

The device looks exactly the same, but the internals have been upgraded across the board. Apple has added the A6X chip, more LTE support internationally, and the new Lightning connector. Pricing stays the same. The current Retina iPad will be phased out, and interestingly Apple is keeping the iPad 2 around for a little while longer.

Right after explaining the 4th gen iPad, Apple turned the device around onscreen to reveal the rumored iPad mini. The audience went nuts.

Apple Introduces The New 80% Thinner iMac, Starting at $1,299 [iPad mini Event]


Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 1.29.21 PM

Apple just unveiled the all-new iMac with a gorgeous edge-to-edge display and crazy thin design. Using a new display that’s 5 millimeters thinner and laminated to the glass, the new iMac is 80% thinner than its predecessor. The display is also 75% less reflective, which is excellent news.

It’s hard to explain how thin this iMac is in words—it almost looks like an optical illusion. But don’t let the thinness fool you, the new iMac is a powerhouse. It comes with USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, and up to 3TB of internal storage and Intel’s quad-core Ivy Bridge Core i5 or i7 processors.