Best ergonomic accessories for Mac owners


Work behind a Mac all day? Be sure you're protecting your back, neck, and feet with these accessories.
Work behind a Mac all day? Be sure you're protecting your back, neck, and feet with these accessories.
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app-factor-logo-thumbnailSitting, or standing, in the correct position while working behind a Mac, or any computer, is incredibly important to your overall health, as I’ve come to learn over the past year. Incorrect posture and bad ergonomics can result in back, neck, and even foot injuries.

When I started struggling with neck and shoulder tightness, I never thought how I was working could be to blame, but after some back and forth with my doctors, the root of the issue had everything to do with my posture and how I was sitting and standing, particularly while working on my iMac or MacBook.

The HiRise Is The Best Docking Stand For Your iPhone Or iPad, But It’s A Pain To Put Together [Review]


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An iPhone or iPad dock is a very nice thing to have for keeping one’s desktop regimented and tidy, but they have drawbacks.

HiRise by Twelve South
Category: Docks / Stands
Works With: iPad, iPhone
Price: $35

For one, a dock that you buy for one generation of iPhone might not work if Apple changes the handset design in the next generation. In addition, iPhone and iPad docks tend not to be cross-compatible, so if you have a dock that fits your iPhone, you usually can’t force an iPad into it, and vice versa. And then, of course, there’s the case problem. Docks and cases tend not to play well together, but most of us like to use a case to protect our devices. That means we usually go without a dock.

Twelve South’s latest product, the HiRise for iPhone and iPad mini, is a combination dock and stand that very cleverly finds a way around all of these problems. We love using it, but putting it together? That’s another story.

Twelve South HiRise Levels Up Your MacBook



I just switched from a giant, 27-inch iMac back to a little ol’ MacBook, and while my desk looks a lot bigger, my shoulders and neck hate me for it. What I might need, then, is the new HiRise for MacBooks from the fine folks at Twelve South. All it really does is raise the notebook up off the desk so you don’t get a crick in your neck from looking downwards all day long, but it does it with such style that it might just be worth the $70 asking price.

Especially if your whole reason for ditching a bigger computer is to make your office look cooler.

Twelve South Announces HiRise For iMac: An Adjustable Stand With Built-In Storage


Isn't that the prettiest iMac stand you've ever seen?
Isn't that the prettiest iMac stand you've ever seen?

Twelve South has today announced a new height-adjustable stand for iMac called HiRise, which claims the be the first adjustable stand to offer a built-in storage bay — the perfect place to store your external hard drives, cables, discs, and even your wallet and keys.