The Dropbox Pro For Life Giveaway [Giveaway]


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I don’t know what I do without Dropbox. It is an essential part of my digital workflow. Dropbox allows me to have my files wherever I want at anytime I want, and that is something that is pretty much priceless.

If you’re not already using Dropbox, you need to start. But even if you are a Dropbox user like myself and so many others, Cult of Mac Deals has a giveaway that will take your Dropbox experience to a whole new level.

That’s right. We’re offering you a chance to win a Dropbox Pro account for life, valued at $9600!

Last Day To Enter: Try Found For Mac And Win A New MacBook Pro With Retina Display! [Giveaway]



Found is a lightning-fast search tool for your Mac that can also search across your cloud services like Google Docs, DropBox and Google Drive. It makes searching for files ridiculously easy with it’s gorgeous interface. This entire week we’ve given readers a chance to try out the new free app and win a MacBook Pro with Retina display at the same time. If you haven’t taken Found for a spin yet you should hurry up and get on the ball. Today is the last day of the giveaway, so if you’re dreaming of a new MacBook Pro with Retina display entering your life, hurry up and enter and you just might be our lucky winner.

Here’s How To Enter:

Try The New Found Update For Mac And Be Entered To Win A New MacBook Pro With Retina Display! [Giveaway]



When you have a lot of documents, pictures, songs, and videos on your Mac fighting for every last kilobyte of space, finding the right file at a moment’s notice can be an impossibly long and tiring task. Add in the complications and fragmentation that we get from the “Cloud” where we share different files on Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Docs, and the search gets exponentially harder.

Found is a lightning-fast search tool for your Mac that wants to put an end to all that rubbish and help you find your files wherever they are. It’s an awesome, easy-to-use app with a gorgeous interface and the makers just came out with a new update that makes it even better. A few weeks ago Found gave three lucky Cult of Mac readers a free MacBook Air for trying out the app. Well, they’re back, and the prize is even bigger for Cult of Mac readers who download Found’s newest update.

If you want to search files on your Mac with ease, AND win a free MacBook Pro with Retina display, then all you got to do is follow these simple rules:

Download Found From The Mac App Store Today To Win A New MacBook Air [Giveaway]




The last two days we’ve given away two MacBook Airs to lucky readers, but if you haven’t been lucky enough to win yet, don’t fret, here’s your last chance.

Even though we have this really cool internet technology thing called the “cloud” that stores all of our pictures, music, documents, videos, and anything else we want to throw at it, searching for stuff inside the cloud still sucks. Most people use Gmail, DropBox, iCloud and Google Drive to store certain things, but the problem is that they’re not connected, so files become fragmented across multiple services. Found is a brand new app that just launched on the Mac App Store, and it’s ready to change the way you search for files by making them easy to find regardless of which cloud service you stored them in.

Not only is Found a deliciously simple app for finding stuff, but it works across multiple services at once and is completely free. Best of all, to celebrate the launch of their app, Found is giving away one last MacBook Air today. So not only are you getting a sweet new app that will make your life easier, but you might win a new MacBook Air to run it on.

Here’s How To Enter:

Win The New iPad With Snapheal and Cult of Mac [Deals]


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Have you ever thought about what it’s like to own the new iPad? Well, thanks to Cult of Mac Deals and Snapheal…now’s you chance!

What’s Snapheal? It is a Mac app that acts as an image editor — letting you easily remove unwanted objects, fix skin imperfections, erase text and perform complex image edits in a matter of clicks…and seconds.

But let’s get the really good part….how do you win the new iPad? Well, you just need to follow these three simple steps to enter to win:

Last Chance To Enter: Win The Omni Group Bundle [Giveaway]


CoM - OmniGroupGiveaway

Cult of Mac Deals has what our readers have called “the best giveaway yet” — and it’s really hard to argue that.

It’s a giveaway that will level up your productivity…because we’re offering you a chance to win a bundle that contains all of The Omni Group’s top Mac apps!

This giveaway is valued at $580 — and it’s one that you definitely want to have in your Mac toolbox!

Win The Mac SuperBundle Featuring Roxio Toast [Giveaway]



Looking to power up your Mac — and to do it for FREE? Well, Cult of Mac Deals has another great giveaway lined up for you — as in we’re giving 1 lucky winner The Mac SuperBundle!

The apps in this bundle can help you in a wide variety of activities, from digital media with Roxio Toast to searching for files more efficiently and effectively with Houdah Tembo to keeping track of your home inventory easily with Compartments.

All of these apps would normally retail for $453 on their own!

How To Rip Your DVD Movie Collection To Your New iPad [Sponsored Giveaway]


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What do you do when you have a huge DVD collection that you’ve been building for years, and combine it with Apple’s resolutionary new iPad? Your favorite movies are stuck in a physical format and you can’t even totally enjoy the awesome new Apple gadget you just bought. Repurchasing all your movies on iTunes would cost more than new iMac, but fortunately there’s a simple answer that is totally free.

This week we’re going to teach you how to take your DVDs, rip the movie files off them, and stream them to your iPad or iPhone courtesy of the folks at Digiarty. For the next 7 days Cult of Mac readers can get a free copy of MacX DVD Ripper Pro Streamer Edition provided by Digiarty, which will help change the way you watch movies.

Once you’ve downloaded your free software you’re going to need to know how to rip your old DVDs. It’s super easy, but we’re here to help you out. To get rip your movies from DVD to your Mac follow these 4 simple steps using MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

The Ultimate Easter Egg: Omni Group Bundle [Giveaway]


OmniGroup Giveaway

For those that celebrate Easter — and even for those who don’t — Cult of Mac Deals has what we consider “the ultimate Easter egg” for you. It’s a giveaway that will level up your productivity…because we’re offering you a chance to win a bundle that contains all of The Omni Group’s top Mac apps!

This giveaway is valued at $580 — and it’s one that you definitely want to have in your Mac toolbox!

Cult Of Mac Deals: Win A Copy Of Slidevana For Keynote [Giveaway]



UPDATE: We’ve chosen our winners and here they are: Tamer Rashdan, Bryan Salazar, Maria Deleon, Werner Pretorius. Contact us at to get your redemption codes. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all who entered!

You’ve been putting together presentations, but they’re just not “wowing” you — or your audience. Slidevana (which works with Keynote for Mac, iPad and iPhone) will give you that edge. And Cult of Mac Deals is going to give away 4 copies of this stellar slide deck creator!

That’s right — Cult of Mac Deals is giving away 4 copies of Slidevana to our readers. Slidevana allows you to spend less time making the slides for your presentation so that you can spend more time on what you should be spending it on: Working on conveying your message. You can learn all about Slidevana by checking out our latest post on the app.