Win A Free Copy of Internet Security Barrier X6 [Cult of Mac Giveaway]



Last week we announced another stellar Cult of Mac Deal – 40% off of the $79 Internet Security Barrier X6 suite of Mac Apps. We wrangled two free copies for our loyal Cult of Mac readers which are up for grabs during this weekend’s Deals giveaway! This contest will run from today till Tuesday, November 29th at 9AM PST. The rules for entering are incredibly simple; here’s what you got to do to enter.

1) Follow Cult of Mac on Twitter

2) Tweet the following line: “Get 40% off Internet Security Barrier X6 from Cult of Mac Deals to save your mac from [insert your reason]”

Get creative because the more you make the Cult of Mac staff laugh, the more likely you are to win! We’ll be accepting entries for the contest till Tuesday morning and we’ll select two lucky winner who will win the the $48 Internet Security Barrier X6 Mac App for free.

The weapons you’ll acquire:
• VirusBarrier X6
• ContentBarrier 10.6
• Personal Backup 10.6
• Personal Antispam 10.6
• FileGuard 10.6

The super powers your Mac will gain:
• Full anti-malware protection together with firewall
• Network protection
• Parental control
• Anti-phishing
• Anti-spyware
• Backup
• Antispam features
• And more than 200 new features

Best of luck!

  • kootenayredneck

    But Mac’s don’t get viruses.

  • prof_peabody

    Said it before and I’ll say it again.  These cheesy giveaways make the whole site look bad.  

    Here you are promoting this awful, POS application that is actually completely useless and costs almost 50 dollars US.  

    Who would *want* this, even for free?  

    It cheapens the whole site and makes you all look like idiots.  Same goes for *all* your cheesy giveaways and “daily deals.”  They are not only boring they are morally reprehensible.  

  • Vaiswuaez

    Yes, is good for Mac. If u have dual boot with windows, it will protect both as well.

  • Kishan S

    i  posted man