Cult of Mac Friday Giveaway – Fantastical




Calendar apps are usually pretty boring. You log an appointment in it and then you never think about the app again. Fantastical is here to bring a little bit of flavor and awesomeness to your drab calendar app. Fantastical allows you to create events instantly via natural language input. One of the great things is that the app works perfectly with iCal, Entourage, and Outlook so you don’t have to change over to a new calendar system.

Lucky for you, the team behind Fantastical, Flexibits, wanted us to share the love with all our readers, so today we’re giving away 3 promo codes for this awesome new calendar app. Soon enough you’ll be using natural language to create events in no time. Of course you have to enter to win. Here’s how to enter today’s contest.


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3) That’s it.

We’ll leave the contest open until Saturday, June 18th at 12pm PDT and will announce the winners on our Facebook page. Thanks in advance for playing and good luck to everyone.

  • Mick

    Like me on facebook! Like us on facebook!

    Seriously? Would you please all stop using this cr*p for this stuff? Facebook itself is bad enough, but abusing it with this, merely for your own benefit, but under the disguise of giving back to the people? Really, are you kidding me?

    If you want me to like you, write decent articles and don’t shoot poorly written and often false blocks of text. Thank you.

  • Steve Demeritt

    Looks like it may be useful, because iCal could use some improvement.  Does anyone actually read all the comments, or do contests to get free stuff just create an echo chamber?

  • Bill Xiong

    This looks so useful, mainly because iCal is so clunky. I’d love to try it out.

  • Sean Peters

    Hmmm. Got the trial version. Looks cool, but… you can’t edit or delete events with it? Doesn’t seem to actually DO much for 20 bucks.