Cult of Mac Thursday Twitter Trivia Giveaway, Today at 3pm PDT!



We’re back at it again today. After yesterday’s highly successful Twitter Trivia Giveaway we’ve decided to give everyone another chance to win the Twitter Trivia Giveaway. We’ve been giving out free stuff all week via Twitter, but we’re nearing the end of our weeklong giveaway. With only two more chances to win you got to make each try count. If you’d like to join our three other winners and receive a free iMainGo X we’d be happy to have one sent to you as long as you play by the rules.

Here’s How It Works:

At 3pm PDT, we’ll be asking an Apple related trivia question to our Twitter followers. First one to Tweet the correct answer to us wins a free iMainGo X! To qualify you must be a follower of Cult of Mac on Twitter (which you can accomplish rather quickly by clicking right here). Pretty simple stuff. May the fastest tweeter win.

And by the way, did you hear about the swanky party we’re throwing tonight in San Francisco? Meet the Cult of Mac staff, chat with other Apple fans and win free prizes tonight at the Il Pirata Bar in San Francisco from 6-9pm. We even have a Facebook event setup for more info, because you know it’s not official till it’s on Facebook. Shoot, even Woz RSVP’d:

We’d love to see you guys there if you have a chance to come by.

Also, congratulations to each of this week’s giveaway contest winners: Brian Cichon (@bacichon), Robert Comish (@robbp209) and Kevin Dulin (@ksdulin).

  • cheesy11

    awesome thanks for this giveaway

  • cheesy11

    awesome thanks for this giveaway

  • Robert Pruitt

    Any chance you can do this when most people are out of work?