Each state has its own fave emoji (and some of you people are weird)


Everybody loves emoji. Even the weird ones.
Everybody loves emoji. Even the weird ones.
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Emoji have quickly become the language of choice for digital natives, but when it comes to the tiny pictograms, not all emoji are used equally. To find out which areas of the United States use emoji differently, SwiftKey analyzed over 1 billion emoji used on its keyboard app between June 2014 and 2015, and came away with some interesting take aways — like the elephant emoji being most popular in Alabama, while the volcano emoji is blowing up in Maine.

Check out the map to see which is your state’s favorite emoji:

Snapchat’s new update saves more data, lets you sticker everywhere


Snapchat aims to reduce data usage and give you easier access to emoji.
Snapchat aims to reduce data usage and give you easier access to emoji.
Photo: Snapchat

Disappearing photo and video sharing app, Snapchat, has just updated to include a couple of great new features, including a data-reducing Travel Mode, an emoji button called Sticker Picker, and a way to see who’s viewing your posts, called Stories, in the app itself.

Dark Horse unleashes Hell(boy) on your messages with branded emoji sets


Now, you can use Hellboy emojis to drop the Right Hand of Doom on your friends in iMessages.
Photo: Swype

How big a fan of Hellboy are you?

If you answered, “Such a big fan that I wish ‘Hellboy’ were a language I could speak all the time — if only someone would make a keyboard to that effect,” you’re in luck because custom keyboard designer Swype has teamed up with publisher Dark Horse Comics to bring both Red and samurai rabbit Usagi Yojimbo to your iMessages.

Slack’s ‘emoji reactions’ make your co-workers awesome

Slack now lets you react to a message with an emoji, any one of the 722.
Photo: Slack

Slack is ingraining emojis even deeper into your work environment whether you like it or not. Users were already able to send emojis casually while chatting, but now anyone can specifically react to messages in Slack with emojis. It’s pretty easy to get creative with this, and it’s sure to spice up the chat with your co-workers.

Taco, unicorn, and burrito emoji are coming to your keyboard


Are you ready for taco emoji?
Are you ready for taco emoji?
Photo: Unicode Consortium

Get ready to roll your eyes at hot dogs, because new emoji are coming.

The Unicode Consortium, the group in charge of designing and implementing those little pictures you use to add emotion to your iMessages, is rolling out Unicode Version 8 tomorrow, and it’s bringing 41 new icons with it.

You can check out all of the newcomers at Emojipedia, but here’s all you need to know: You can now express your love of unicorns and tacos entirely in pictures.

Here’s the full list: