Dropzone’s latest upgrade breathes new life into drag-and-drop


The latest update to Dropzone makes it even more useful.
The latest update to Dropzone makes it even more useful.
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Drag-and-drop functionality — which lets us quickly and easily move files from place to place, into apps, onto websites — might be the most fundamental way we interact with our computers. That’s why we’re impressed by Dropzone: It’s basically an upgrade of good ol’ drag-and-drop for OS X.

With version 3.5, which drops today, Dropzone is even better.

Dropzone 3, the best way to drag-n-drop on your Mac, just got even better


AirDrop, the wireless file sharing technology built into OS X, is fantastic when it works for the occasional file, but it can be a bit finicky.

For power users who constantly find themselves sharing files online, we recommend Dropzone, a great little Mac App that can significantly boost the ease with which you share files between computers, and drag-and-drop files in general.

Now, Dropzone has gotten even better. With Dropzone 3, the app gains a new Drop Bar for temporarily storing files, AirDrop support, as well as integration with Imgur.