Glowing results are possible when building with flawed wood


Mat Brown mixed glow-in-the-dark pigment with resin to fill in the cracks on this shelf. (Photo by Mat Brown)
Mat Brown mixed glow-in-the-dark pigment with resin to fill in the cracks on this shelf. Photo: Mat Brown

Jewelry maker Mat Brown is getting married, and the romantic in him is hard at work creating wedding rings out of an alloy of silver and gold called electrum.

But on the practical side of sharing a life, Brown recently created space in his kitchen with shelves as unique as his jewelry: Brown used a glow-in-the-dark resin to fill in cracks in the wooden shelves, and happily shared the luminescent process and result on his blog.

Look high, look low: Teleport your head with this weird device



Out on the street with the EYEteleporter. Photo: EYEteleporter

Looking low. Photo: EYEteleporter

Two mirrors are required to get you looking the right way. Photo: EYEteleporter

Looking High. Photo: EYEteleporter

The new things you will be able to see with your EYEteleporter. Photo: EYEteleporter

Tired of looking at the world from the same old perspective? Need a fresh take on things? A new point of view?

Well, you have less than two weeks to get your hands on an EYEteleporter, an outlandish, periscope-style device that will give you a unique perspective on the world.

Take iPhone Photos With Your SLR Using This DIY Adapter

Messy but effective. Photo credit Michael Amos/Flickr

Ever used your iPhone to take a photo through the viewfinder of your camera? Or tried to line up the iPhone’s lens with one half of a pair of binoculars? Then you’ll know how hard it is to get a good result. But if you’re willing to sacrifice an old iPhone case and pony up a few dollars for an SLR eyepiece, then you can make an adapter that’ll get you great Instagrammatical pictures every time.