This Sweet iPad Stand Will Make You Wish You’d Never Thrown Out That Old G4



Oh man, this is awesome. Check out this killer iPad stand that Reddit user cwtfozzy built for himself out of the base of a lampy old iMac G4. Wish I still had one bunging around so I could get Ive’s Lamp back in my office. That thing just had such panache.

Damn cool work, Foz! How about posting a step-by-step DIY?

Source: Reddit

  • Tim Lanfair

    I have an old one sitting here in my shop, was thinking of doing the very same thing,,, wondering if he has any instructions? I would love to make this happen!

  • mrbananasfoster

    Cwtfozzy here, thanks for the kind words.  Im happy to share how i did it although there is more planned for it internally. twitter – mrbananasfoster / instagram – cwtfozzy i have photos posted on Facebook, and ill post more when it develops. 

  • MacRepairPro

    I have made one of these and can make more if people are interested.
    Complete with charger and speakers built into base for connection to
    iPad. Get in touch if you are interested in purchasing.