This Crazy Fan Recreated The Apple Store In His Home Office Down To The Smallest Detail



I like the Apple Store as much as any Apple fan, but I wouldn’t want to live and work there.

You can’t say the same thing for David Wu, though. “Call me mad. Call me crazy. But I woke up one day around three months or more ago and decided to completely renovate my home study.”

So what’d he do? He made his home office a virtual recreation of an Apple Store, not only including a replica of Apple’s distinctive Fetzer Wooden Maple desks (with working drawers), a replica Apple Store sign with built-in, Apple TV-driven LED display and even a couple shelves full of boxed Apple products.

I’ll go ahead and call David Wu crazy. Here’s to the crazy ones. Read more about how he did it at his blog. More pictures of David’s sick set-up below, but make sure to go to Wu’s personal site for the rest.


Source: David Wu


  • ddevito

    Is that a Samsung TV? ooooooooh

  • ddevito

    Steve Jobs wouldn’t approve two different colored grains of wood

  • debald6

    Chair is wrong, black stools aren’t too hard to make though

  • gnomehole

    This is such a great replica I bet Samesung hires this guy!

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    Steve Jobs wouldn’t approve two different colored grains of wood

    Apple store tables are like that.

  • itskittibitch


  • Simon Hartley

    It is nicely done. Most folks can get about 80% there by just heading over to IKEA and stacking some boxes. Steve’s secret, a little bit of Yoga/Zen ashrams, a bit of time in IKEA and the rest … the boxes used in jewelry stores and design from high-end kitchen appliances. The genius? No had thought to do it before and most know focus/empathy/impute but just don’t do it.

  • davester13

    Poor copy. There are no pictures of children in real Apple stores.

  • SoloJon

    The only sane explanation I can think of is the guy got so used to doing his work in the Apple store on the display units that he decided to bring the experience home.

  • marioyohanes

    He missed out one spot, Samsung TV! I don’t think any Apple Store in the world will use Samsung TV anymore.

  • theobserving

    There’s no way this is accurate. First off, I don’t see some emo brat schleping around with a nose ring, acting like he knows how to use one of these things and trying to sell me AppleCare. And I don’t see some ex-Gap employee manager trying to act like they know what’s going on. No 12 year olds mugging in PhotoBooth, then posting the pics to Facebook, either.

    He’s got a lot of work to do.

  • alex503

    Of course only an Asian fan boy would do this. Good for you mister Wu.