DIY $30 Wireless Adapter For Nikon D4


With a $30 XBox accessory, you can add Wi-Fi to your $6,000 camera
With a $30 XBox accessory, you can add Wi-Fi to your $6,000 camera

If you have already paid $6,000 for a new Nikon D4, you are either rich enough not to care that adding Wi-Fi costs another $900, or your bank account is now so wiped out that you can’t even afford to charge the battery. If you fall into either camp, though, you might still want to try out his great DIY project which adds Wi-Fi to your supercamera for just $30.

The solution is amazingly simple, thanks to the fact that the D4 has an Ethernet port. All you need is a little $30 wireless bridge intended for the XBox 360. It plugs into the Ethernet port and connects to a wireless network, letting you control the camera and beam images wirelessly.

There are some limitations. This particular dongle won’t create its own Wi-Fi network, so you’ll either need to be indoors, or carry a MiFi-style battery-powered router on location. And if you’re beaming the photos to a MacBook and not an iOS device, you can just set up an ad-hoc network on the notebook.

The “hack”, by Nikon Rumors reader Voudas, is ingenious, and I love it for its simplicity: no soldering (or “soddering,” as you insist on saying in the U.S), no weird software solutions: just plug and go.

I expect to see a lot more cameras with Wi-Fi in the coming months, especially in the point-and-shoot markets. After all, how else are you going to compete with the camera inside you iPhone?

[Via DIY Photography]