DIY iPhone LED Ring-Light For Under $10



Just a few weeks back we brought you the then-cheap $100 ring-light for the iPhone, a cheap way to shoot flat fashion photos and videos with your favorite camera. Now, though, you can achieve the same thing for just $10.

Bonus: It’s a DIY project, so you have a great excuse to ignore your family this Christmas.


The photo of the component parts pretty much gives you the whole story. You need to find an LED camping lamp with its diodes arrayed in a circle. Then you need to dig out an old iPhone case. And that’s about it. You can fancify the design with some Velcro for quick-release purposes, and you can do what the author of this project did and spray the housing black with a can of paint. I’d probably skip this step thanks to my sometimes paralyzing combination of laziness and impatience.

The result isn’t going to be as good as that of a proper ring-flash with a full, uninterrupted circle of light, but it will certainly be better than using the iPhone’s built-in lamp.

Off you go now. I’m heading to the dime store this afternoon.