DIY Travel Charging Kit Fashioned From Portable Battery And USB Hub



Lifehacker’s Adam ”never seen without a beanie" Dachis has come up with an ingenious solution for the gadget-laden traveler. Instead of messing around with travel chargers or any other gadget-by-gadget solution, he built a mobile charging station out of a giant portable battery and a USB hub.

Adam used a Grid-It organizer to strap the various components down in one place. To this he added a 7-Port USB hub (complete with two iPad-friendly fast charging ports), an 11,000mAh backup battery, plus a variety of cables for the target gadgets

I actually have the same battery pack as Dachis, albeit branded under a different brand name, so I might try something similar on my next trip. Even without the USB hub (which will put a drain on the battery, but might be great when you arrive at your hotel) the battery has two outputs,and can be charged while in use, making it a super-functional dual-charger.

I do like Adam’s comprehensive setup, though, even if it does look like it weighs as much as the rest of my carry-on combined.

Source: Lifehacker