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iPhone 14 is ‘the most repairable iPhone in years’


iPhone 14 is easier to repair than any of its predecessors in years.
Apple designed the iPhone 14 to make it easier to repair.
Photo: iFixit

Turns out the iPhone 14 isn’t a cookie-cutter copy of its predecessor like everyone thought, but the big changes are all on the inside. A teardown of Apple’s new “basic” handset finds that it’s easier to repair than earlier versions.

iFixit, which did the teardown, calls it “the most significant design change to the iPhone in a long time.”

Apple starts offering parts and tools needed to repair your own MacBook


Apple starts offering parts and tools needed to fix your own MacBook
Those who want to repair their own MacBook can get the parts and tools through Apple's Self Service Repair program.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s Self Service Repair program is about to expand to recent MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. This will give those who want to fix their macOS notebook access to repair manuals and genuine Apple parts and tools.

The program began offering the info, parts and tools needed to fix recent iPhone models in spring 2022.

Clever DIY project hacks old iMac into a Studio Display


Clever DIY projects hacks old iMac into a Studio Display
Here's a 2014 iMac made into an external display almost a beautiful as a Studio Display.
Photo: Luke Miani

An intrepid Apple expert set out to convert an iMac on its last legs into a useful external monitor with the same general design and functionality as a new Studio Display. The inspiration comes from Apple’s recently released monitor using a 27-inch 5K LCD, as do all the iMacs made for many years.

Watch a video of this DYI project to see if this is something you’d like to do with that old iMac you have gathering dust.

Apple now offers parts and tools needed to fix your own iPhone


Apple Self Service Program for customer repairs
Apple's Self Service Program is a major change to the company's repair policy.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone Self Service Program that Apple announced last fall launched Wednesday. It provides customers with the parts and tools they need to repair their own handsets. And it marks a major shift in the company’s approach to hardware fixes.

The program is for individuals, not small businesses.

Biden says his ‘right to repair’ order changed Apple policies


President Joe Biden says his ‘right to repair’ order changed Apple policies.
A recent executive order takes a strong stance on users’ right to repair.
Photo: White House

President Joe Biden says an executive order he signed in mid-January forced companies to loosen restrictions on who can repair their devices.

“Companies like Apple and Microsoft are changing their policies so folks will be able to repair their devices themselves,” he said Monday.

Clever DIY project turns AirTag into slim wallet card


This DIY AirTag wallet card project isn’t for the faint of heart
Apple AirTag can help users locate keys, luggage and — with a lot of modifications— their wallet.
Screenshot: Andrew Ngai

An intrepid do-it-yourselfer disassembled Apple’s new AirTag and rebuilt it into something slim enough to fit into a wallet.

Watch his video with step-by-step instructions for following in his footsteps — if you dare.

Print a variety of useful AirTag holders with these free 3D models


Print a variety of useful AirTag holders with these free 3D models
Don’t buy when you can 3D print an AirTag holder. Like this bike mount.
Photo: Marshall Farthing

It’s not necessary to buy an accessory to attach an Apple AirTag to your keys, bike or dog’s collar if you own a 3D printer. There are tons of CAD files with options to connect the recently released item tracker to various objects. And all of them are free to use.

iFixit shows how to add a hole to AirTag


Drill an AirTag hole at your own risk.
If you’re willing to risk ruining an AirTag, you can drill a hole in it.
Photo: iFixit

There’s no direct way to attach Apple’s just-released AirTag to a set of keys because the item tracker doesn’t include a hole. But iFixit x-rayed the device and found three places a brave user could drill a hole.

Custom keypad puts Photoshop toolbar at your fingertips


DIY Photoshop keypad by 3dDecors
A screen doesn't have to separate you from your Photoshop toolbar.
Photo: 3dDecors

Once you learn the task behind each symbol, the toolbar in Adobe Photoshop becomes a natural extension of a photographer’s creativity. Stylistic flourishes are just clicks away.

Now, the toolbar can be physically at your fingertips.

A designer from Ukraine has transformed the iconic on-screen toolbar into an actual keypad he sells on Etsy.