Mastering The iPhone To Become A Better Lover: Fashion [iOS Tips]


I look *just* like this guy. No. No I don't.
I look *just* like this guy. No. No I don't.

Fashion! It’s something we all either dread or avoid, right? Ok, maybe not all of us. But what of those among you who have no clue how to dress up for a fancy date or dinner or night out? How will you ever find out?

iPhone apps, of course! Whether you’re gearing up for a fancy night on the town for Valentine’s Day or beginning a more thorough process of bringing your wardrobe up to date, here are three apps that will help you increase your sartorial intelligence just a bit more, making you even more desirable to those you want to impress

iPhone 5 Popularity Causing An App Store Boom [Report]


Apple's App Store continues to grow at an impressive rate.
The iPhone 5 is boosting some app downloads by as much as 700%.

The iPhone 5 has been a massive success for Apple. It’s only been out a week, but it’s already the fastest-selling iPhone in history, racking up 5 million units sold during its first three days of availability. But this isn’t just having a positive affect on Apple’s revenue; it’s also big business for iOS developers, who are seeing massive boosts to their download figures.

Cloth, The Best iPhone App For Fashionistas, Can Now Tell You What To Wear Based Upon The Weather



As a professional blogger, the only fashion choices I make involve whether to blog from my torn boxers or my filthy briefs, or whether I should accessorize my t-shirt with a mustard or mayonaise blotch.

That said, at heart, I’ve always admired the fancy lads with pants to match who put themselves together with an eye towards fashion, and so I’ve always been a big fan of Cloth, an iPhone app that allows you to put together a database of your best outfits and scroll through them for inspiration, rate them according to how good you look and even share them on Twitter or Facebook with friends.

The only thing Cloth couldn’t do up until now was tell you what to wear… but that’s just changed, thanks to a partnership with Weather Underground that will allow Cloth to automatically suggest outfits appropriate to the weather outside.