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Check out how this former Apple employee announced his new baby


Former Apple Online Store training manager Andreas Kleinke came up with a unique way of letting people know about his new family member.

How do you celebrate the arrival of a new member of the family? If you’re super Apple fan and former training manager for the Apple Online Store team Andreas Kleinke the answer is that you announce it in the same way Apple introduces a new product.

Adopting the minimalist design Apple is known for, Kleinke created a website for his new baby Jonathan, describing his son’s “20-inch seamless unibody enclosure,” “ten meticulously aligned fingers” and “maximum volume going all the way up to 120 dB.”

The site notes that parental sleep mode is disabled by default, and that gibberish comes as the pre-installed language, although additional language packs are available.

“The response has been truly amazing,” Kleinke tells Cult of Mac. “We already got hundreds emails from all around the globe, and there’s not a single mean one among them. Only very friendly people wishing the best. I’m sure Jonathan will be pleased, once he gets over that whole screaming thing.”

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Philips: $30 Bluetooth Streaming Device, Soundbar with Detachable Wireless Speakers and an Unusual Baby Monitor [CES 2013]


CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – Y’know how we said something or other about how iHome had an avalanche of new products? Yeah, forget we said that; the amount of new products at the Philips fort (really, they had, like, an encampment) made the iHome avalanche look like a powder dusting. And amazingly, most of it is actually worth talking about. Here’re the highlights from our booth tour.

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A Baby Squirrel Eating A Pair Of Apple Earbuds Is Officially The Cutest Thing Ever [Video]

Look, it’s the day before Thanksgiving, it’s a slow news day, whatever. Here’s a baby squirrel eating a pair of Apple earbuds in the cutest way possible. You’re welcome.

Babiis: Keeping Families Together from Across the Miles [Macworld / iWorld 2012]

Babiis: Keeping Families Together from Across the Miles [Macworld / iWorld 2012]
SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD / IWORLD 2012 – The final day of Macworld / iWorld was my fifth day away from my wife, daughter and son, and despite spending time around technology that I’m passionate about and in a city that is as awesome as advertised, I was a little homesick.

That’s why when I came across a pod that demonstrated an app that may very well help me in the future when I am spending days away from my family, I was all ears. Babiis is the missing piece in my “travel puzzle” going forward.

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iHealth Brings a Virtual Doctor’s Office to Your iDevice

iHealth Brings a Virtual Doctor’s Office to Your iDevice

I was just speaking with another reviewer here about how surprisingly common it is for manufacturers to copy each other’s designs. To ‘port an entire line of products, though, is a little more unusual: iHealth has just announced an app-enhanced digital scale, blood pressure monitor and baby monitor that mirrors Withings‘ entire lineup, gadget for gadget.

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‘Kick to Pick’ Allows Unborn Baby to Pick its Own Name

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Kick to Pick is a unique new application for the iPhone that is designed to enable an unborn baby to pick its own name. Yes – you did read that correctly!

The $0.99 app lets you choose a gender-specific list of thousands of names for boys and girls. You then lie down, place the device on your bump (airplane mode recommended) and press the button to activate the countdown. Kick to Pick will begin cycling through the list of potential names until it detects that all important kick from your baby. Once your baby has chosen its name, you can have the final say and decide whether or not to accept the suggestion.

Kick to Pick, although a novelty, is a testament to what iOS applications can do with a little imagination – just as you thought everything your iPhone could achieve with apps had already covered!