Reeder For iPhone Gets Rewritten From The Ground Up, Delivers Stacks Of New Features


The iPhone's best Google Reader client is now even better.

Reeder is, in my opinion, by far the best Google Reader client for both Mac and iOS. And it just got even better on the iPhone. After being rewritten from the ground up, Reeder now offers stacks of new features, like Fever syncing, support for multiple accounts, the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe from feeds, and more. It even has a pretty new icon.

Safely Browse The Web With Multi-User Private Browser [iOS Tips]



So I don’t know if you have kids or not. Or a wife, or husband. Or a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you do, you might share your iPhone, or at least your iPad. I know I pass my iPad to my kids often. They’re usually more interested in the games I have downloaded on it, but my son has been known to occasionally drop into Safari to look for Minecraft videos.

Anyone using your iOS device has the same access to the browsing you’ve done on the web via mobile Safari as you do. You may not want to share all your browsing history with your children or significant other, am I right?

Here’s a private web browsing app for today’s tip, then.

100 Tips #42: How Do User Accounts Work?



Mac OS X has a system of user accounts, similar to that found on Windows machines. Setting up user accounts on your computer is a good idea for all sorts of reasons.

Each account is a separate, ring-fenced section of the computer’s system. Stuff that User A does won’t affect stuff belonging to User B. So at their simplest level, accounts are a useful way of keeping every person’s work or activity separate. They are a good idea on family computers for that reason.