Repair your electronics with iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set and Jimmy Tool Bundle [Deals]

iFixit's screwdriver set and Jimmy bundle includes everything you need to get into your devices.
iFixit's screwdriver set and Jimmy bundle includes everything you need to get into your devices.

With today’s tech, the general rule seems to be that if it’s broke you can’t fix it. But perhaps you could, if you just had the tools to work with the micro-sized, specialized screws and airtight seams of phones, computers, gaming consoles, and the like. Most of those tools for access are in this excellent bundle from iFixit’s, which includes a full arsenal of screwdrivers and an ultra-thin prying blade, all for $59.95 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Activists want Apple to kill gun emoji


Guns don't kill people. Emojis do.
Photo: NYAGV

Who would’ve thought emojis could prove so controversial?

Following on from the yellow skin color accusations and Russian LGBT emojis attempted banning, the nonprofit group New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (NYAGV) has launched a new hashtag entitled #DisarmTheiPhone — calling for Apple to “remove the gun emoji [from iOS] and take a stand for stricter gun accessibility in America.”

Check out a video for the campaign below:

Vintage Apple radio spots give customers the hard sell


Today these ads would be playing on Beats 1.
Photo: 512pixels

No-one does ads with more consistent high quality than Apple. That’s why it’s kind of fun to go back to a time when getting the word out about new products was less about pushing out a sleek new video on YouTube and more about radio spots designed to give potential customers the hard sell.

Stephen Hackett of website 512 Pixels was recently given a stack of old Apple documents, and among them were scripts for three Apple-approved radio ads promoting the Apple IIc during the holiday quarter of 1984: the same year Apple unveiled the original Mac.

Check them out below.

iPhone 6s Force Touch modules enter mass production


You won't believe what the Apple Watch can do now.
Force Touch is going to be the big feature of this year's iPhone refresh.
Photo: Apple

In yet another apparent confirmation that the iPhone 6s will come with Apple’s Force Touch technology, manufacturer TPK is reportedly heading into mass-production of the relevant pressure-sensitives modules, after shipping off small amounts of samples last month.

It’s being a bit shy admitting which company they are for, though. (*cough* Apple! *cough*)

Acclaimed RPG Legend of Grimrock comes to iPhone

The best RPG for Mac and iPad is now also on iPhone.
The best RPG for Mac and iPad is now also on iPhone.
Photo: Almost Human

Around four years ago, developers Almost Human released The Legend of Grimrock, a throwback to the first-person dungeon crawlers from the 1980s (Dungeon Master, The Bard’s Tale and even the first Phantasy Star game for the Sega Master System) for Mac.

They claimed it was was coming to iPad “by the end of the year.” It actually took three. I assumed, after all that time, it would never come to iPhone, though… but as it turns out, I was wrong.