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Heirs duel over wine trove in Drops of God trailer


The drama series, adapted from Japanese manga, premieres April 21 on Apple TV+
The drama series, adapted from Japanese manga, premieres April 21 on Apple TV+
Photo: Apple TV+

When a young Parisian woman flies to Tokyo after learning of her estranged father’s death there, she finds something unexpected. He has left her the world’s greatest wine collection. It’s worth $148 million. But she can only have it if she defeats a brilliant young wine expert in a series of wine-tasting tests.

That’s the premise neatly poured in the trailer Apple TV+ released Tuesday for Drops of God. The live-action drama series, adapted from a popular Japanese manga (comics), premieres April 21 on Apple TV+.

Get 15 bottles of wine shipped to your sweetie’s doorstep for $79.99 this Valentine’s Day


Get 15 bottles of wine shipped to your sweetie's doorstep for $79.99 this Valentine's Day.
Stock up for Valentine's Day with 15 bottles of wine for $79.99.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

“Be wise, decant the wine,” said Horace. Who are we to argue with the preeminent Roman poet from the age of Augustus? Even back in the first century B.C., the Romans knew the power of wine. Though their Valentine’s Day might’ve looked a little different from ours, it’s a good bet that a couple glasses of vino would’ve been involved.

While we’re dispensing wisdom, here’s another nugget: Never be afraid to try something new. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, Wine Insiders has a deal that makes that easy. In honor of every lover’s favorite holiday, you can get a treasure trove of 15 wines shipped to your special someone’s doorstep for $79.99.

Get or gift 18 bottles of wine for $65 — the best price on the web!


Get the best price online for 18 bottles of wine.
Get 18 bottles of wine that'll have your guests really cheering.
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You can give an awesome last-minute gift, or make sure there’s plenty to drink at your New Year’s Eve party, without spending an absurd amount of money on wine.

This mixed box of red, white and bubbly from Splash Wines includes a collection of top bottles for fall for just $64.98, the best price we’ve seen for this offer.

Say cheers this Father’s Day with Winc wine delivery


Get your dad wine he'll love for Father's Day.
Toast your dad this Father's Day with 12 bottles of wine for just $85.
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Dad deserves a glass of wine to wind down with at the end of a long day. And yet wine is one of those simple delights that’s easy to get wrong but so satisfying to get right.

You can get your dad some wine he’ll love on his special day with Winc wine delivery. You can purchase $155 of credit toward 12 bottles for only $84.99 during our Father’s Day Sale, which ends June 19 — no coupon necessary!

Track how drunk you are with this Apple Watch accessory


The BACtrack Skyn puts a blood-alcohol sensor on your wrist.
The BACtrack Skyn puts a blood-alcohol sensor on your wrist.
Photo: BACtrack

Getting a reading of your blood-alcohol content levels is about to become as easy as glancing at your Apple Watch.

The first-ever wearable alcohol monitor made its debut at CES in Las Vegas this week, giving drinkers a new option for keeping track of whether or not they’re fit to get behind the wheel.

Heard it through the grape vine: Personal wine assistant app gets sparkling update



Like Scarlett Johansson’s phone number, wine is something I’d like to know a bit more about. It’s good to hear, then, that popular wine assistant app Hello Vino (great name!) has just been given a sparkling update in time for spring.

The update adds support for a massive 140,000 store and restaurant locations to help you pick out the perfect wine. It also adds improvements to the app’s search engine, which is powered by wine-searcher.com and features more than 6 million wines.

Oenophile App Drync Now On iPads, Adds Its Own Wine-Loving Social Media Platform [Daily Freebie]




Vodka is great for fruity drinks and drunken stupors; and beer is what you nurse, alone at the edge of the bar, after you’ve been dumped.

Wine, on the other hand, is the ultimate social lubricant. So it makes sense that Drync, a sophisticated app for oenophiles (the sophisticated method to describe wine-lovers), has just launched its own social-heavy website to go along with its new iPad app.

iPhone-Controled Miracle Machine Turns Water Into Wine


The Miracle Machine is an iOS-connected device that turns bread into fish. Wait, no… It turns water into wine. Only instead of doing it lickety-split to please an angry crowd like that Jesus fella did back in the time of the dinosaurs, it does it with grape juice and yeast, and takes however long it takes for wine to ferment to make.

Six Great Bottles Of Wine For Half Off [Deals]



You know what the real secret is to developing a taste and palette for great wine? It's trying a lot of wine and just learning what you like and don't like. I'm pretty lucky that I live about a 5 hour drive from one of North America's best wine regions—The Okanagan Valley. My wife and I try to go about once a year to go to our favorite winneries and try a few new things. Of course we also tend to bring back a lot of wine as well.

You might not be so lucky. You might not live close to a wine region or you just have a little trepidation about going wine tasting (believe me the science and geekiness of wine making is amazing in itself!). So what then? Okay, well how about you get to pick 6 bottles of wine and have them shipped to you? And you get help picking them out too. Now that's a deal. Oh wait, that is today's dealPremium Wine Delivered From Club W.