Oenophile App Drync Now On iPads, Adds Its Own Wine-Loving Social Media Platform [Daily Freebie]




Vodka is great for fruity drinks and drunken stupors; and beer is what you nurse, alone at the edge of the bar, after you’ve been dumped.

Wine, on the other hand, is the ultimate social lubricant. So it makes sense that Drync, a sophisticated app for oenophiles (the sophisticated method to describe wine-lovers), has just launched its own social-heavy website to go along with its new iPad app.

Drync launched last year as an iPhone app for oenophiles who want to shop and explore the world of wine, and gained some attention due to its Google Googles-like, tech-magic ability to recognize a wine simply by looking at the bottle’s label. With today’s update, Drync becomes a Universal app that expands Drync’s visual-heavy interface onto the iPad’s bigger screen. And if the iPad’s screen isn’t big enough, Drync’s new website is a mobile-free (which presumably requires less dexterity to navigate while buzzed) platform from which to share oenophilic adventures.

Even before today’s changes Drync seems to be on to something. CEO Brad Rosen says the service’s wine-selling end is growing a monthly rate of 60 percent. They’ve also just lured new COO Brian Carr away from popular, sophisticated shopping platform Springpad, where he was VP of marketing.

Source: Drync