Heard it through the grape vine: Personal wine assistant app gets sparkling update



Like Scarlett Johansson’s phone number, wine is something I’d like to know a bit more about. It’s good to hear, then, that popular wine assistant app Hello Vino (great name!) has just been given a sparkling update in time for spring.

The update adds support for a massive 140,000 store and restaurant locations to help you pick out the perfect wine. It also adds improvements to the app’s search engine, which is powered by wine-searcher.com and features more than 6 million wines.

Finally it includes easier wine entries and new suggested wine pairings for vegetarian dishes: which suits me down the ground.

A wine app for your iPad might sound a bit pretentious (or like you’re the kind of gadget-lover who also carries around a brown paper bag they sip from throughout the day), but short of going on a full wine-tasting course, a tool like Hello Vino is a great way of finding out more about a subject a lot of people are interested in.

Hello Vino is available for free from the App Store, compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later. The app offers various in-app purchases, including one for giving you premium sponsor-free features.

Source: iTunes