Apple Could Be Waiting To Publish iPad Users Guide For iOS 6 Until iPad Mini Unveil



Each time Apple releases a new operating system, or new product, they publish a digital support manual for that device relative to the newest version of iOS or OS X. When “the new iPad” was released on March 15th, Apple published the user guide. Ditto for the iPhone 5. And each time a new version of iOS comes out, those guides are updated and published again.

All Apple user guides are up-to-date, except the iPad user guide, which hasn’t been touched since March. Some eagle-eyed observers have wondered why a month has passed since iOS 6’s release without Apple updating it, and it’s probably because Apple’s waiting for the iPad Mini keynote.

Apple Releases iPod Touch 5th Gen User Guide As First Benchmarks Surface


"An essential part of any iPod touch library," according to Apple.

Apple has released a new digital user guide for the fifth-generation iPod touch, which was announced alongside the iPhone 5 back in September. The 138-page eBook covers “everything you need to know” about the device, and is available to download now — for free — from the iBookstore.

In addition to this, the new iPod touch has now received its first benchmarks, which reveal it’s packing an 800MHz dual-core A5 processor.