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Tivoli Bluetooth speaker looks as good as it sounds [Review]


Tivoli Audio Andiamo review
If a speaker can be beautiful, then the Tivoli Audio Andiamo is beautiful.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Andiamo means “Let’s go” in Italian, and Tivoli Audio’s Andiamo is a very stylish speaker to take on the go. It has a cylindrical design wrapped in a leather carrying strap, and provides satisfactory sound.

Lend us an ear for a review of this Bluetooth speaker designed for listening wherever.

Tivoli PAL And Model One Radios Finally Arrive In 2012



The PAL Bluetooth speaker is also a radio. A Radio! In 2012!

Tivoli, maker of fine old-fashioned radios with new-fashioned guts, has finally got with the game and added Bluetooth to its classic Model One and PAL lines. So now, in addition to beautiful, warm-sounding (mono) radio and music piped in over the wire, you can also hijack grandma’s favorite program wirelessly.

IBM Adds iOS Management To Its Existing Enterprise Tools [Mobile Management Month]


IBM recent entered the mobile management market with device management tools
IBM recently entered the mobile management market with its first device management tools

May is Mobile Management Month at Cult of Mac, where we will be profiling a different mobile management company every weekday. You can find all previous entries here  and read our Mobile Management manifesto here.

IBM is one of the newest entrants to the mobile management market. The company launched its IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices in March. At the moment, IBM’s feature set is focused on device management with limited app management capabilities. It will appeal most to companies that are already using other IBM solutions. Although Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices can be used as a stand alone mobile device management tool, it will be most effective when integrated with IBM’s various Tivoli enterprise solutions including endpoint management and help desk packages because it will be able to key off existing organizational systems making for easier setup and a streamlined overall management experience across the board.