Go down with the ship: Titanic game goes deep on history


Titanic: Honor and Glory is a game under development that would take players through the full five days of the luxury liners tragic journey. Photo: Four Funnels Entertainment
The Titanic: Honor and Glory game would take players through the full five days of the luxury liner's tragic journey. Photo: Four Funnels Entertainment

Video games let us experience murderous rampages, violent carjackings and the horrors of war. But should virtual entertainment take us through a real-life tragedy with depictions of the actual people who lost their lives?

The developers of Titanic: Honor and Glory are prepared to answer that question as they build out a game based on the 1912 sinking of the luxury liner that claimed more than 1,500 lives.

Idiot Investors Don’t Trust That Apple Can Keep Making Magic New Products


Photo by triplefivedrew - http://flic.kr/p/6kQ6xS
Photo by triplefivedrew - http://flic.kr/p/6kQ6xS

When it comes to huge investors who buy mammoth blocks of Apple stock, there’s only one question: what have you done for me, lately? If you want to know why product launches are so important to Apple, it’s because the launch of a new product is critical to investors who believe Apple isn’t worth a plug nickel without its latest and greatest products.

Name Your iPhone ‘Titanic’ – Here’s Why [Humor]



I recently came across a humorous post on Facebook that made me laugh out loud so I thought I should share it. It read:

I named my iPhone Titanic, why you ask? So that every-time I plug my phone into the computer it says ” Titanic is now syncing”– haha

While the gallows tone of this tidbit of humor might offend some people it definitely makes most of them laugh at the creativity and obvious play on words.

So now the question is did you give your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad a unique name? If you did share it with everyone by leaving a comment.