Tim Cook opens the doors for Fifth Avenue Apple Store reopening


Tim Cook opens doors
Tim Cook and retail boss Deirdre O’Brien were both present for the reopening.
Screenshot: CNBC

Tim Cook opened the doors at the reopening of Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York, just as the iPhone 11 went on sale.

Cook counted down to the 8am EST opening with fans, then pushed open the large glass doors to let customers inside the refurbished Apple Store. He even threw out high fives as people filed into the store to buy their new handsets and Apple Watches Series 5s.

Today in Apple history: iPhone 6 is bigger and better than ever


The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were massive upgrades for Apple.
Photo: Jim Merithew

September 19: Today in Apple history: iPhone 6 is bigger and better than ever September 19, 2014: The iPhone undergoes its biggest upgrade — both figuratively and literally — since the original, with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets.

The iPhone 6 brings a new 4.7-inch form factor, while the iPhone 6 Plus boasts a massive 5.5-inch design. The previous-generation iPhone 5 measured only slightly taller than its 3.5-inch predecessors. But with the iPhone 6, Apple abandons that strategy for the first time to take on big-screen Android “phablets.”

Apple’s PR boss is leaving the company


"I will always bleed six colors," says outgoing Apple PR boss Steve Dowling.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s VP of communications is stepping away from the company after leading Apple’s public relations efforts for the last five years.

Steve Dowling, who worked at Apple for 16 years, sent out a memo to staff saying that now is the time for him to step away from the company. The news comes right after Apple’s biggest PR week of the year, the fall iPhone keynote, but Dowling’s note to employees is full of optimism for the iPhone-maker.

Tim Cook missing from list of most inspirational leaders in tech


Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple is one of the most sought-after companies to work for, but Tim Cook isn't on a list of dream bosses.
Photo: Apple

Apple is one of the most sought-after public company in the world for tech workers to want a job with. That’s according to tech recruitment site Hired‘s latest “Brand Health Report.”

Given that Apple is, well, Apple, that’s not too much of a surprise. What’s more surprising is the fact that, on Hired‘s list of tech’s most inspiring leaders, Tim Cook is nowhere to be seen!

Congress wants to read Tim Cook’s emails for antitrust investigation


Tim Cook with a 2018 WWDC scholarship winner.
Tim shows off the hilarious memes he's forwarded to friends. (Possibly.)
Photo: Apple

House Judiciary Committee leaders want Tim Cook to turn over his emails and other information as part of a possible antitrust investigation.

Cook is one of dozens of executives from Apple, Facebook, Google parent company Alphabet and Amazon named in the request. It follows increased scrutiny of Apple, particularly surrounding the way that it runs the App Store — and possible conflicts of interest that result.

Apple’s leadership structure could cause headaches in the future


Tim Cook delivers the goods at Apple's iPhone 11 event.
Tim Cook has continued a leadership structure established by Steve Jobs.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s always been a relatively flat company in terms of corporate structure. But that may be posing a challenge, as a new report on the company’s leadership suggests.

As a result of Apple’s employee growth and changes in the leadership team, many executives now have large numbers of people reporting directly to them. According to a former Apple exec, that structure may not be “particularly effective.”

Rumor mill fail: Apple delivers legit surprises at iPhone 11 event


Tim Cook delivers the goods at Apple's iPhone 11 event.
Tim Cook delivers the goods at Apple's iPhone 11 event.
Photo: Apple

In an age when almost every detail of an Apple keynote leaks ahead of time, Tim Cook managed to pull some genuine surprises from the hat Tuesday. Taking the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple HQ, Cook and Co. announced at least three big things we weren’t expecting at all.

This in itself is a surprise. Even though Cook pledged that Apple is “doubling down” on secrecy, most of the big details about new Apple products typically trickle out ahead of time. Most of the main features of the 2019 iPhones already leaked. Every Apple blog and YouTube channel under the sun has been playing with detailed iPhone mockups and models for weeks.

Still, Cook’s surprise trifecta did not consist of insignificant things. All three were fairly big and meaty announcements — and there wasn’t a peep about them ahead of time. Here’s what took us by surprise during the “By Innovation Only” event.

Live chat: Watch Apple’s iPhone 11 keynote with us


Get ready for Apple's latest innovations.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The stage of the Steve Jobs Theater is set for the biggest Apple keynote of the year — and we can’t wait to watch the iPhone 11 unveiling with you.

Rather than live-blogging the Apple “By Innovation Only” event, Cult of Mac is hosting a live chat so all our writers and readers of the site alike can nerd out on all the glory Tim Cook and the gang have in store. We know for sure we’re getting new iPhones but there’s still plenty of room for some surprises.

Could we see a new Apple TV set-top box? A Tile-style tracking device called Apple Tags? An Apple TV+ price tag and launch date? The anticipation is killing us. Apple’s iPhone 11 keynote kicks off Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific. Of course, we’ll be getting wild in the chat beforehand, so come in and join the fun.

This is the start of a whole new era for Apple augmented reality


Apple Park ARKit
Apple's augmented reality journey is just getting started.
Photo: Nobuyuki Hiyashi

When Apple introduced ARKit in 2017, the augmented reality platform was hailed as a game-changer. Two years later, Apple’s AR push looks ready to deliver the type of experience that gets CEO Tim Cook so excited he wants to scream.

Thanks to a trio of new augmented reality tools for iOS 13, and the very real possibility of an Apple AR headset on the horizon, 2019 promises to be the start of something truly special for Apple’s augmented reality efforts.

Tim Cook gets lucrative reward for his success as Apple CEO


Tim Cook interview
"And then I think I'll buy 7 iPhone XS Max units... and a mansion... and a private jet."
Photo: The David Rubenstein Show: Peer to Peer

Apple hit all its performance expectations this year — and CEO Tim Cook is being rewarded for that achievement.

According to a new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, Cook has been awarded 560,000 restricted stock options. At present market prices, that equals around $115 million. Not a bad payday!