Apple Pay on its way to Germany this week


Apple Pay Germany
Guten tag, Apple Pay!
Photo: Apple

Apple Pay will finally make its debut in Germany this week, according to a new report.

Tim Cook previously promised that the mobile payments service would be available in Germany by the end of the year, while local webpages were recently updated to confirm it is “coming soon.”

Today in Apple history: Apple fixes ‘life-threatening’ Maps glitch


Australia Park
This probably isn't the spot people wanted to reach!
Photo: Papphase/Wikipedia CC

December 10: Today in Apple history: Apple fixes Australian Apple Maps glitch December 10, 2012: Apple fixes an Apple Maps error that caused several motorists in Victoria, Australia, to become stranded in the remote Murray-Sunset National Park.

The glitch showed the town of Mildura about 45 miles from its actual location. In the aftermath, Victoria police describe the app as “potentially life-threatening.” That’s pretty much the opposite of “it just works.”

Tim Cook praises stunning shot on iPhone surfing image


Tim Cook/Twitter 2
What a stunner of an image!
Screenshot: Tim Cook/Twitter

You’d think Tim Cook would be too busy running Apple to be tweeting about surfing, but you’d be wrong. Well, kind of.

In fact, Cook tweeted over this weekend in praise of the cover of the year end issue of Surfer’s Journal magazine. The front of the mag features a dazzling bit of water-based sports photography which, you guessed it, was shot on an iPhone.

New Apple Watch videos will melt your heart


Apple Watch
Michael shares his story of how Apple Watch saved his life.
Photo: Apple

Apple shared two videos on YouTube this morning highlighting the life-saving power of the Apple Watch and its heart rate sensor. In one of the videos, numerous Apple Watch owners share their stories of how Apple Watch alerted them to a serious heart condition.

The videos come on the same day that Apple’s ECG feature on Apple Watch Series 4 was finally made available to the public. Tim Cook said in an interview today that improving people’s health will be Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind. After watching the two new videos, it’s easy to see that he’s probably right.

You might want to grab a tissue:

Boosting users’ health is ‘Apple’s largest contribution to mankind,’ Tim Cook says


Apple Watch ECG
The ECG could save your life.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s Electrocardiogram (ECG) feature on the Apple Watch Series 4 is finally launching to the public today and according to Tim Cook, it could be one of the most important things his company ever does.

Tim Cook and Apple COO Jeff Williams are putting on a full-court media press today doing interviews with TIME and CBS This Morning. With hundreds of millions of iPhones in pockets around the world and watches on tens of millions of wrists, Apple says it has a responsibility to empower people with more information about their health.

Tim Cook promises Apple ‘won’t give a platform to violent conspiracy theorists’


Tim Cook opening remarks WWDC 2017
Tim Cook said “I worry less about computers that think like people and more about people that think like computers.”
Photo: Apple

During his acceptance speech for the Anti-Defamation League’s first ever “Courage Against Hate” award today, Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear that his company won’t shy away from taking moral positions. 

“We only have one message for those who seek to push hate, division or violence: You have no place on our platforms,” Cook said.

Why an Apple Camera would be unstoppable, this week on The CultCast


CultCast 364 MacBook Pro
An Apple camera with Smart HDR would revolutionize photography.
Photo: Apple

This week on The CultCast: We tell you how iPhone’s Smart HDR takes pics better than cameras costing thousands, and how a proper Apple Camera would be positively unstoppable. Plus: The Supreme Court may force Apple to allow competing app stores; proposed tariffs on the iPhone could send prices sky-high; and Apple says the XR is one of the best-selling iPhones ever.

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Protesters bash iPads during Tim Cook school visit


Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump
Protestors gathered outside an Idaho school visited by Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Screenshot: KTVB

Apple CEO Tim Cook and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump were greeted by happy students with iPads as the two visited Wilder Elementary School in Idaho today.

But not everyone is happy with the iPads that Apple gave to school as part of a grant two years ago. A small group of protesters criticized the iPad program, saying the tablets actually get in the way of teachers teaching.

Tim Cook starts his morning reading comments from Apple customers


Tim Cook with a 2018 WWDC scholarship winner.
Apple’s CEO pays attention to what people outside the company are saying about its products.
Screencap: Apple

If you’ve ever wondered if anyone at Apple ever sees the online comments people post about iPhone, Mac, etc., you can rest easy: No less a person than CEO Tim Cook reads them every day.

And you might be surprised at how much time he spends doing so.