Tim Cook pays ‘Respect’ to Aretha Franklin, the late Queen of Soul


Tim Cook tweet
Tim Cook's message on Twitter on the passing of soul singer Aretha Franklin.
Photo: Tim Cook/Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s tweet mourning the death of soul singer Aretha Franklin was among countless remembrances flooding social media this morning after news of her passing began to spread.

Cook’s heartfelt message included a black-and-white photo of the Queen of Soul belting out a song during a recording session.

Every Apple TV show currently in the works


Apple TV
Apple is loading up with original content.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The star-studded Apple TV show lineup is starting to look like it could become a legitimate contender to Netflix and HBO. After going on a Hollywood spending spree in the last eight months, Apple appears poised to make a huge push into original content.

Thanks to its new worldwide video executive team, many of the Apple TV series in development actually look really promising and diverse. From Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories to mysterious new sci-fi series See, Apple’s working on some shows everyone could enjoy.

Check out all the full list of TV series Apple is working on:

Ralph Nader tells Apple to give massive profits to the little guys


Tim Cook money bag
Ralph Nader says Apple management spent $100 billion to "enhance their own executive compensation package."
Photo: Apple

Apple becoming the world’s first trillion dollar company has put it in the crosshairs of consumer advocates, including Ralph Nader. He heavily criticized the company for a $100 billion stock buyback, instead of using the money to pay employees more, improve recycling efforts, increase R&D, or making other productive investments.

Nader is angered that businesses like Apple have spent so much of the Republican tax cuts put in place last year on stock buybacks, rather than the “productive investment and jobs” they promised. 

Tim Cook: We’re not doing Apple Music for the money


Tim cook
Apple has a smart strategy when it comes to music.
Photo: Apple

In a short interview for Fast Company, Tim Cook raves about his love of music, and talks about Apple’s reasons for getting into the space with Apple Music.

“I couldn’t make it through a workout without music,” Cook said. “Music inspires, it motivates. It’s also the thing at night that helps quiet me. I think it’s better than any medicine.”

Cult of Mac Magazine: Apple snatches the $1 trillion crown, and more!


In this week's Cult of Mac Magazine: The long race to see which U.S. tech giant will become the first company worth $1 trillion is finally over. Apple won.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: It’s official. Apple beats Amazon to the coveted $1 trillion valuation. Tim Cook plays it cool, telling staffers it’s “not the most important measure of our success.”

You’ll find that top story and much more. Check out the the biggest takeaways from Apple’s Q3 earnings call. Feast your eyes on the iPhone X Plus and new LCD iPhone. Plus: Learn how to use the iPhone camera’s manual controls. Get your free subscription to Cult of Mac Magazine from iTunes. Or read on for this week’s top stories.

Journey to a trillion, and a look at Apple’s troubled history, on The CultCast


CultCast MacBook Pro
Apple's the most valuable company on earth, but it almost wasn't.

This week on The CultCast: The journey to a trillion! How did Apple become the most valuable company on earth? We discuss, and remember the company’s troubled history. Plus: Is the i9 MacBook Pro a total ripoff? One YouTube reviewer says yes, and his tests are convincing. We’ll fill you in. And stay tuned for the sad decline of MoviePass. Is the troubled movie service still worth it?

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Tim Cook: $1 trillion cap ‘not the most important measure of success’


Mockup WWDC
There are lots of things that make Apple so great, Cook says.
Photo: Apple

Apple became the first company to ever reach a $1 trillion market cap on Wednesday as its share price soared to $207.39. But according to CEO Tim Cook, this is “not the most important measure of our success.”

In an email to Apple employees, Cook says that financial returns are simply the result of innovation — and that it’s the team behind them that really makes Apple so spectacular.

The biggest takeaways from Apple’s dominant Q3 earnings results


Apple is made of money.
Apple is made of money.
Photo illustration: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple beat Wall Street’s expectations today with its Q3 2018 earnings report. Even though iPhone sales were barely up 1% the company still posted better-than-expected revenues as sales of Apple Watch, services and AirPods picked up the slack leading to Apple’s best Q3 results ever.

Prices of Apple shares skyrocketed closer to the illustrious $204 mark that will make the iPhone-maker the first ever trillion dollar company once the results posted and Tim Cook seemed extremely confident and relaxed on his call with investors this afternoon. While the rest of tech stocks are starting to sink, Apple is as steady ever.

Apple earnings: Can Cupertino’s latest surprise save the Street? [Live blog]


Will Apple reach its own targets for Q2?
Apple's Q3 2018 earnings are expected to be the weakest of the year.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple surprises Wall Street with record-breaking Q3 profits


Big pile of cash underneath an Apple logo.
Apple is a money-making machine.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

While the rest of the tech industry’s earnings are in a slump, Apple just posted its biggest Q3 earnings report ever.

Investors were expecting Apple to post at least $51 bilion in revenue, but the iPhone-maker has come away with $53.3 billion in income, marking a 17% increase from last June quarter. iPhone sales came in at 41.3 million units sold for the quarter which has Apple CEO Tim Cook absolutely stoked.