The 11 most inspiring, imaginative and all-around best movies of 2015


Best movies of 2015
Our favorite movies of the year were both big and small.
Photo: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac's Best of 2015It was a little tough to whittle our choices for the best movies of 2015 down to 11, but we did.

If you’d told us five years ago that we’d be getting new Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Mad Max movies, and that they’d all respect their predecessors while forging their own paths, we’d have ask the bartender for whatever you’d been drinking. But all of those things happened, and 2015 was better for it.

We also got some great original movies, including some charming comedies and one of the scariest monsters in recent memory. It was a pretty good time, regardless of your tastes, is what we’re getting at.

Here are our picks in no particular order.

The Martian trailer shows stranded astronaut surviving the red planet


Duct tape does actually fix everything.
Duct tape does actually fix everything.
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Based on the highly acclaimed novel of the same name, The Martian will chronicle astronaut Mark Watney’s incredibly plausible scientific survival on the surface of Mars for four years in a habitat designed for 30 days.

With Matt Damon in the title role, an all-star cast and Ridley Scott in the director’s chair, The Martian is shaping up to be the one film science nerds must see this summer.

The official trailer came out Monday and you’re going to want to see it right now. Too bad you’ll have to wait until the end of November.