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Epic sends out icy teaser for Fortnite season 7


Fortnite season 7
Wrap up warm because it’s going to be a cold one.
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite’s seventh season is just a few days away and fans are ready for another round of big changes to Battle Royale.

We’re all hoping for a snowy map makeover for the holidays, and Epic Games has all but confirmed we’ll get it with its first season seven teaser.

James Corden and Will Smith star in new Carpool Karaoke trailer


carpool karaoke ad
Smith and Corden had too much fun making this episode.
Photo: Apple Music

The official debut of Carpool Karaoke: The Series is just a few days away but music fans can get an early taste of episode one in the latest ad released by Apple.

Will Smith will be the first guest on the new show with creator James Corden singing along behind the wheel. Apple’s teaser for the episode shows The Fresh Prince busting out some of his classic songs along with getting down to other artists like R. Kelly.

Check it out:

Planet of the Apps trailer is a prototype for bad TV


Planet of the Apps
Reality show Planet of the Apps is coming soon to Apple Music.
Photo: Apple

Prepare yourself for Apple’s first teaser trailer for Planet of the Apps, because it’s a total cringe-fest.

Billing Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow as some of “the world’s most culturally influential entrepreneurs,” the Shark Tank ripoff pairs budding app developers with tech luminaries and venture capitalists who can help make their App Store dreams a reality.

Gameloft Teases Its First Game Using The Unreal Engine, Coming Soon To Android And iOS



Teasing mobile gamers with trailers and screenshots is nothing new for the mobile gaming giant Gameloft, however, what is new, is a trailer for their first game built off of the Unreal Engine. Gamers first caught a glimpse of the new game (that we now know is entitled Wild Blood) thanks to a sole screenshot depicting a gigantic bloody blade towering over a corpse filled battlefield. Gameloft has now followed that up with a short teaser video and a Facebook page for gamers to unravel clues about the game’s story.

Makers Of Popular iOS Game “Flight Control” Tease Upcoming Space Version [Video]



Flight Control is one of the most popular games to ever land in the App Store. The game makers, Firemint, won an Apple design award for the beautiful iPhone and iPad app. The next iteration of Flight Control is set to arrive later this month, right in time for the new iPad’s Retina display.

Flight Control Rocket will take you into space for a new set of adventures. This one looks like a whole lot of fun.

Here’s The Official Teaser Trailer For The “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” Movie [Video]




We told you last week that Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview would be making its way to theaters in the US starting November 19th. Now, an official teaser trailer for the upcoming movie has been posted for the world to see.

The interview consists of missing footage of author and journalist Bob Cringely with Steve Jobs from the 1995 PBS documentary Triumph of the Nerds. Landmark Theaters will distribute the movie in 19 cities, including where Steve Jobs lived, Palo Alto.