Apple plunged Facebook into chaos when it broke its internal apps, new book reveals


Facebook owns 4 of the top 10 apps of the past decade
Situation brought Facebook to a near-standstill for employees.
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Apple triggered a “hot war” that compounded ongoing tensions with Facebook when it pulled the social media giant’s enterprise certificate last year. The decision, which temporarily broke all of Facebook’s internal apps, coincided almost exactly with Facebook’s earnings call.

“As [Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg] spoke [on the call], people on Facebook’s campus could not test new products and were canceling meetings because they could not get the shuttle,” writes author Steven Levy in his new book, Facebook: The Inside Story, which is published in hardcover today.

Apple employees tell fascinating stories about 1 Infinite Loop


Infinite Loop
A new oral history of Infinite Loop is a treasure trove for Apple fans.
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One of Apple’s pre-eminent historians, tech journalist Steven Levy, dropped an Apple history treasure trove over the weekend.

Published by Wired, the oral history of Apple’s Infinite Loop campus features contributions from a whole lot of Apple employees, both past and present. Want to hear Eddy Cue talk Steve Jobs’ pizza preferences? Or how Tim Cook crossed the picket line on Day One of his job at Apple? Here are some of my favorite highlights:

Early iPhone X impressions: Face ID ‘pretty much’ works


Face ID requires a bit of getting used to.
Photo: Apple

The embargo hasn’t yet lifted on the official iPhone X reviews, but Steven Levy — a journalist who was also among the first people to get his hands on an original iPhone one decade ago — has published an article, revealing his initial thoughts.

The verdict? That, despite one or two minor quibbles, this could well be the iPhone that you’ve been dreaming of, although Face ID isn’t a totally seamless password system, and requires a bit of getting used to.

Author Steven Levy On Apple v. Google [Exclusive Q&A]



Steven Levy‘s new book about Google In The Plex revealed a few juicy nuggets about the relationship between Apple and Google.

At first, Larry and Sergey wanted Steve Jobs as their CEO. Then the two companies had a long honeymoon, sharing board members and collaborating on groundbreaking software. But then it all soured when Google released Android, and Steve Jobs hid the iPad from Eric Schmidt, even though he was sitting on Apple’s board.

We had a chance to ask Levy for more detail and insight into the relationship between Apple and Google. Here is our exclusive Q&A: