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Don’t worry about losing your data ever again with Starchive Cloud Storage


This storage plan gives you complete control of your data
A lifetime sub to this storage plan gives you complete control of your data — forever!
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How many important photos and documents have you lost on misplaced USB drives or computers that haven’t worked in years? Confronting the impermanence of so much of our digital data is a frustration we all experience. And the more important the file, the more it hurts when it disappears forever.

For everyone from entrepreneurs to casual web users, losing data is painful, and it’s estimated that if it’s not copied and verified frequently, there’s up to an 8% chance every year that your data will be lost.

The Starchive 1TB Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription offers an alternative to the stress of constantly worrying that your files might fade. For under $100, you can have a safe place to store all your most important digital possessions.