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World’s smallest flashlight, markers made from air pollution and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


Crowdfund Roundup
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Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Still worried that smartphone signals will fry your brain? What about your manhood? Spartan boxer shorts can prevent it from happening by blocking over 99 percent of wireless signals.

That’s just one of the awesome ideas we have in this week’s Crowdfund Roundup. We’ve also got the world’s smallest flashlight, ink made from air pollution, a cute little personal assistant robot, and more.

Microsoft’s next-gen ‘Spartan’ browser could run on iOS and the Mac


Internet Explorer could be killed off in Windows 10. Photo: ZDNet
Internet Explorer could be killed off in Windows 10. Photo: Microsoft

It’s come a long way in recent years, but even so, Internet Explorer may be Microsoft’s most reviled product: a web browser so bad it held web standards back for years. From a Mac fan’s perspective, the best that can be said about Internet Explorer is that, for the most part, you never have to use it at all: the most up-to-date versions only run on Windows.

But that could soon change. A new report suggests that Microsoft could be rebranding Internet Explorer while giving it a radical overhaul… while simultaneously releasing it on non-Windows systems like Mac and iOS.