Samsung Galaxy S21 plummets to half its original value in 3 months


The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is not a good investment.
The recently released Samsung Galaxy S21 series drops in value as much as $281 a month.
Photo: Samsung

Those planning to resell their handset someday might want to steer clear of Samsung latest flagship models. The Galaxy S21 series reportedly lost between 44.8% and 57.1% of its original value since in debut in January 2021.

Of course, every smartphone depreciates over time. But iPhones hold their value better than their rivals.

Samsung Galaxy S21 will ditch power adapters just like iPhone 12


Galaxy S21
“Whaaaaaaat's in the box?!”
Photo: Samsung/Evan Blass

Samsung was quick to mock Apple when it revealed that it was going to stop including power adapters with the iPhone. But a few months later, it seems the South Korean tech giant has reconsidered its stance, and realized that maybe Apple actually kind of had a good point.

At least, that’s according to images leaked by tipster Evan Blass, showing what he claims are promotional images for the Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra. The new premium handsets boast a refreshed design, support for 5G — and no charger in the box.