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D&D gaming comes to life via Mac mini and magical screen [Setups]


A 43-inch curved monitor is the highlight of Duncan Shultz's gaming setup.
A 43-inch wide curved monitor is the highlight of Duncan Shultz's gaming setup.
Photo: Duncan Shultz

Brisbane, Australia-based defense contractor Duncan Shultz loves Dungeons & Dragons. And that’s the main action his Mac-mini-and-wide-screen setup sees, although he also admits to using it to work for a living. An Aasimar Sorcerer’s got to eat, after all.

“The wide screen is simply awesome for my uses,” Shultz told Cult of Mac. “Specifically in running online D&D games. I can have video conferencing, multiple browsers, streaming software and other tools all open and accessible.”

In addition to the aforementioned sorcerer character — goes by the name of Selinth, BTW — Schultz is a dungeon master for Curse of Strahd campaigns, one online and one in person. Online he uses the Roll20 website and in person he uses EncounterPlus for iOS and macOS.

Sound designer’s setup powers a home office and AV wonderland [Setups]


Widescreen monitor
When you have more gear than you use, it's time to break it down to basic needs.
Photo: Gareth Owen

Gareth Owen is a London-based professional sound designer whose job involves extensive CAD and acoustic modeling, but he also does sound effects work and multitrack mixing.

So he built a setup that functions as both his home office and a basic home studio.