AirPod saved from subway suicide with makeshift sticky stick


This lucky AirPod will live to see another day.
Photo: Ashley Mayer

It’s frustrating when an AirPod falls out of your ear — especially if it decides it has had enough of being an AirPod and it jumps onto the subway tracks. That’s exactly what happened for Ashley Mayer.

But thanks to a makeshift sticky stick (duct tape on the end of a broom), this particular bud will live to see another day … or play another song?

Mother saves daughter’s life with Find My Friends app


Find My Friends
iPhone’s Find My Friends can be a real lifesaver.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

When 17-year-old Macy Smith was late coming home and didn’t answer her phone, her mother knew something was wrong. But she was able to track the girl down thanks to the Find My Friends application on her daughter’s iPhone, even though Smith was trapped in a wrecked car at the bottom of an embankment.

This Magic Script Recovers Your Lost Lightroom Photos


Here’s a slightly obscure tip that’s worth sharing becasue it could literally save you from a lost photo library. If you use Lightroom, Adobe has a “secret” script you can download that extracts the JPG images from your previews. Why would you want to do this? Say you lose the hard drive with all your original RAW photos on it, or you just get drunk one night and wake up in the morning to find you deleted your Lightroom folder.

This script will rescue you.