Apple’s fascinating eMate 300 dud gets a makeover as a Raspberry Pi


If you had done this in 1997 it would have blown people's minds.
Screenshot: Billy The Kid/YouTube

The eMate 300, one of the most fascinating forgotten Apple products of the late 1990s, has received a second life as a Raspberry Pi laptop.

The personal data assistant, which Apple sold for less than a year between 1997 and 1998, was a sales dud at the time of its release. However, with its Jony Ive-designed curvaceous clamshell made out of translucent green plastic, it resembled the later iMac G3 and iBook computers that helped reestablish Apple as a computer manufacturer of note.

That makes it a machine worth celebrating. Now, thanks to the efforts of a YouTuber named Billy The Kid, it’s also a machine capable of running YouTube videos. Check out the video below.

Two ‘trash can’ Macs form core of nerdy workstation built to last [Setups]


Those two
Those two "trash cans" at upper left prove core to this setup.
Photo: XTJ7@Reddit

Redditor XTJ7, a programmer and photographer based in Germany, knows how to make a setup last and do just what he needs it to do. As his recent post declared, his setup’s core is two “trash can” Mac Pro towers from 2013 plus a racy gaming PC.

Yeah, you heard right: That’s two computers running from 2013 to now. Eight years might as well be a few decades as far as computer performance goes. But he has his reasons to wait on the upgrade.

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Weekend project
Stop putting off ideas and start that weekend project.
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Mini Apple 1 replica celebrates the computer that started it all


3d printed Smithsonian Apple 1
Looks like it belongs in a museum.
Photo: Matteo Trevisan

The Smithsonian is home to the most famous of the Apple 1 computers. It’s covered in a crude wooden case and Matteo Trevisan wants it.

That’s not happening. But he and another self-described Apple maniac indulged their geeky pleasure by creating a miniature version with a 3D printer and Raspberry Pi computer.

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Price Drop Roundup
Some of our best deals got even better, with discounts as steep as 98% off.
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Pretty much every deal we share is already great, so when they get even better, you’ll want to pay attention. Right now in the Cult of Mac Store, prices on VPN subscriptions, lessons in Logic and Excel, and a loaded Raspberry Pi kit have reached new lows. Read on for more details:

Hacked Etch A Sketch takes a pretty good picture


Hacked Etch A Sketch
Making a photograph with an Etch A Sketch was not exactly a snap.
Screenshot: Martin Fitzpatrick/YouTube

The Etch A Sketch has had a Hall of Fame career, but little has changed with the red-framed mechanical drawing toy.

Then Martin Fitzpatrick got a hold of the white knobs – and used the toy to take a picture.


Steam Link iPhone iPad Apple TV
Steam Link’s first big update is great for controller users.
Photo: Valve

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Raspberry Pi
Finally start creating your own DIY Raspberry Pi projects this weekend.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When Raspberry Pi rolled out in 2012, people immediately hailed the low-cost, credit card-size microcomputer as a fun new toy for kids and tech tinkerers. Since then, forward-thinking Pi users adapted this “toy” into a surprisingly powerful piece of tech. Users create everything from home media networks to robotics to fully automatic timesavers.

Get everything you need for your dream Raspberry Pi project [Deals]


This bundle includes a brand new Raspberry Pi, a suite of sensors, and hours of instruction.
This bundle includes a brand new Raspberry Pi, a suite of sensors, and hours of instruction.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Raspberry Pi is the platform for almost any DIY computing project you can imagine. From home entertainment systems, to robotics, to building your own smart home, it’s a compact processor with vast possibilities. So where do you even begin?