Score dozens of sensors and a Raspberry Pi [Deals]


37 Sensors Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi
Build creative DIY projects with this Raspberry Pit kit
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Raspberry Pi is a nearly limitless platform for all kinds of projects. It’s also a great way to bridge the physical and digital worlds, and a window into the internet of things. But to do that, you need the right gear and guidance.

All of the above is included in this must-see kit from SunFounder. First of all, it includes a brand new Raspberry Pi 3 with a TF Card with Raspbian system and Dragit programming language pre-installed, which is already awesome. But it also includes a 37-piece Sensor Kit, with a bunch of newly-designed modules for easy, reliable wiring. Additionally, there are instructions for 35 different projects. So now your Raspberry Pi can power an auto-flash LED rig, rain detector, to tracking sensor, and lots more. This is a great chance for anyone to develop their programming skills, with schematic diagrams offer a clear view of how each module works.

Buy now: Get the 37 Sensors Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi for $129.99, a 9 percent discount.