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Meet the tiniest game of pong for your Apple Watch


Play a classic (and super-cute) game of Pong on your Apple Watch.
Play a classic (and super-cute) game of Pong on your Apple Watch.
Photo: Matt Wiechec

Is this the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen on your wrist? Yes, yes it is. It’s the tiniest game of pong you ever did see, too.

Game developer Matt Wiechec has made A Tiny Game of Pong for the Apple Watch and it hits all the right nostalgic notes for ancient gaming fans like myself and retro-cool folks like you.

Check it out.

You’ve got your Pac-Man in my Pong (in my Space Invaders)!


Three great taste that taste great together. Photo: Dick Poelen/King Penguin
Three great tastes that taste great together. Photo: Dick Poelen/King Penguin

Ah, Pong, the first video game I ever played! If you’re like me and feeling nostalgic for the retro-goodness of Pong, Pac-Man, or even Space Invaders, boy are you in luck.

Pacapong is a new free game that mashes up all three of these fantastic classic video games into one lovely multiplayer package that you can play on your Mac (or PC/Linux box) right now. How they all fit together is a mystery even the developer isn’t aware of.

“I’m actually not sure why,” developer Dick Poelen tells Cult of Mac, “but it started with adding Pac-Man and the maze to Pong. That seemed to make sense.”

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Jet Set Radio, The Bowling Dead, FIFA 13 & More [Roundup]


Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 12.54.39

Kicking off this week’s list of must-have iOS games is Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio, a terrific skating game in which you rollerblade around a fictional city and tag buildings, rival gang members, and more with spray paint. It’s accompanied by Pong World, the first official Pong game for iOS; a massive update to FIFA 13, and more.

Atari Releases First Official Pong Game For iOS, 40 Years After The Original


It's Pong like you've never seen it before.
It's Pong like you've never seen it before.

It’s been 40 years since Atari released the first Pong game, and to celebrate the milestone, the company just released the first official Pong game for iOS. Called Pong World, the title delivers a new way to play the classic arcade game, in addition to a colorful new look and a whole host of new features.

Don’t Be Stupid, Steve Jobs Didn’t Steal iOS Bounce-Back From ‘Pong’


Does this look like an iPhone to you?

In a laughable post over at LawPundit, Andis Kaulins makes an argument that Apple’s landmark $1 billion win against Samsung for patent infringement is at least partially bogus.

Why? Because Apple’s patent for bounce-back scrolling isn’t an original idea, but was, in fact, stolen from Pong, a game first released back in 1972. There are just a few problems with this idea…

Boost 3G Speeds And Reduce Harmful Radiation With This iPad Case From Pong



Ever noticed that slapping a case on your iPad somewhat restricts its 3G signal? That’s because your iPad is equipped with a clever proximity sensor that reduces the power of its 3G sensor by as much as 75% when it detects your device is close to your body, thereby reducing your exposure to harmful radiation.

Unfortunately the sensor isn’t clever enough to work out the difference between your body and a protective case, so as soon as it comes into contact with a case its 3G signal is restricted. However, this particular case from Pong Research not only prevents your iPad from limiting its 3G signal — giving you faster, more reliable data — but it also redistributes its radiation away from your body.