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Today in Apple history: Apple Park gets the official go-ahead


Apple Park
Apple's spectacular new campus gained approval on this day in 2013.
Photo: Matthew Roberts

November 19: Today in Apple history: Apple Park approved by Cupertino City Council November 19, 2013: Apple gets final approval from the Cupertino City Council to proceed with building a massive second campus to house its growing army of workers.

Cupertino Mayor Orrin Mahoney’s simple message regarding Apple Campus 2? “Go for it.”

However, the massive structure — with an innovative circular design that will earn it the nickname “the spaceship” — remains years away from opening, despite Apple’s ambitious schedule.

Video tour dives deep inside Apple Park


Apple leases new offices near to Apple Park
Take a look inside.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

If you’re not smart enough to work at Apple, or important enough to be given a tour by Tim Cook, you’ll probably never get the chance to look around Apple Park. Fortunately, travel videographer Yongsung Kim served up the next best thing with an Apple Park video tour.

In a recently published YouTube video, he takes the world inside Apple Park’s spaceship campus in Cupertino, California. The video shows parts of the building you won’t normally see during a trip to the Apple Park Visitor Center. Check it out!

Jony Ive wants to design a soap dispenser


Apple Design Boss Jony Ive has some low-tech ambitions.
Photo: Apple

After developing some of the most iconic tech products of the last two decades, Apple’s design boss Jony Ive has some astonishingly low-tech ambitions when it comes to the future.

During a recent interview at a conference organized by the Norman Foster Foundation, Jony Ive gave a surprising answer when what futuristic product he would like to design next.

“A soap dispenser,” Ive replied.

Apple’s Campus 2 takes shape in new drone video


What the finished product will look like.
What the finished product will look like.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new UFO-shaped campus is coming on in leaps and bounds, as per a new video from drone photographer and YouTube user myithz.

Myithz flew his DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus quadrocopter over Cupertino’s Campus 2 and recorded footage showing that the front portion of the building is now cemented, while the subterranean walls have also been built along the sides.

Pixar boss explains why Steve Jobs was such a great architect


Spaceship 2

Designed in collaboration with Steve Jobs by Norman Foster, the new Infinite Loop has Apple fans excited… but not architects. Informally polling a group of 6,000 architects around the world gathered for a South African conference, Fortune’s Philip Elmer DeWitt discovered that, by and large, the professionals he encountered hated Apple’s new Spaceship Campus.

But DeWitt reminds us all that Steve Jobs is no newcomer to architecture. He designed Pixar’s headquarters personally, and it’s a design that has resulted in some of the most creative cinema to come out of Hollywood in the last generation.

Report: Apple To Build Futuristic New Campus Designed By Famous British Architect



Apple intends on using the 100 acres of land they purchased for $300 million from HP last month to build a partially domed, green-friendly campus with an intensive subterranean road and transportation network, according to a recent report by a Spanish paper… and they’ve already hired the visionary architect to make the futuristic, utopian campus city happen.