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Exciting spy series Tehran takes Apple TV+ in dramatic new direction [Review]


Arash Marandi in Tehran
Tehran is the most gripping Apple TV+ series to date.
Photo: Apple TV+

In order for any streaming service to keep up with the competition, it must serve up serialized shows that people can’t wait to finish. Until now, Apple TV+ did not offer one of those. Not even the star-studded and fairly engrossing Defending Jacob proved so compelling you couldn’t turn it off.

That all changes this Friday, when Israeli spy thriller Tehran premieres on Apple TV+. The streaming service’s best dramatic show by a mile, it delivers stunning displays of intrigue and backstabbing.

First Tehran trailer packs serious Homeland vibe


Niv Sultan plays an Israeli spy behind enemy lines in ‘Tehran.’
Niv Sultan plays an Israeli spy behind enemy lines in Tehran.
Screenshot: Apple TV+

The first trailer for upcoming Apple TV+ series Tehran delivers a healthy jolt of Homeland-style tension. The Israeli spy thriller, which centers on a female Mossad agent working undercover inside Iran, looks filled with dangerous scrapes, technical spycraft and some serious double-crosses.