Nickelodeon’s new iOS app is a Netflix for preschoolers


A Netflix for your little ones. Photo: Nickelodeon

Last year around 1.4 Million U.S. households reportedly threw in the towel on Pay TV and embraced the cord-cutting revolution. And it seems that the idea of consuming media in non-traditional ways starts young, with Nickelodeon this week announcing its plans to launch a subscription video service aimed at preschoolers.

Called Noggin, the service takes the form of an iOS app set to launch on March 5. Costing just $5.99 per month, it will be advertising-free, and will boast a range of kids’ shows, such as “Blue’s Clues” and “Little Bear” that are not currently part of Nickelodeon’s assorted TV networks.

Ashton Kutcher Drops Some Deep Steve Jobs Quotes At The Teen Choice Awards



So, Ashton Kutcher, right? His first name is actually Chris. He met up with about a bazillion teen fans at Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Awards last night to receive the Ultimate Choice Award from the kid-centric cable network, and told them some deep stuff.

First up, according to Kutcher, is that “opportunities look a lot like work.” He said that any job he ever had was never beneath him. And he worked at them hard, and never quit one job until he had another. He then said that “the sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart, and being thoughtful, and being generous.” Everything else, said the handsome, well-off, successful actor, “is crap; I promise you.”

So far, so good. Then he laid some Steve Jobs wisdom on the young crowd, which got increasingly quiet during the five minute acceptance speech.

Time Warner Will Let Customers Stream Live TV To iOS Devices Starting Tomorrow



As more cable subscribers start to embrace the idea of ditching cable for services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, cable companies are quickly trying to entice subscribers to stay by offering TV everywhere on every device.

Time Warner Cable announced today that starting tomorrow, TWC subscribers will be able to stream live TV to their Apple devices for the first time ever. An update for TWC’s iOS app should roll out  tomorrow that will make 11 live national news, sports, and entertainment channels available to subscribers outside of their home, via an iPhone or iPad.

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